T- 5 Weeks: Run Disney

It’s currently Saturday afternoon and I’m fighting a food coma because I ate pizza and cookies for lunch. So healthy. I basically ate all my calories for the day in one sitting…. so I’m going to have to have a healthy dinner because there’s no way I’m skipping dinner.

Other than that I feel like I worked out a lot more than I had been. I realized when I go on stress runs I don’t run as fast. It’s more like 13+ minute miles than 10-11 minute miles. Some day I’ll get consistent under 10 minute miles.

At the Run Disney event you have to be under 15 minutes/ mile otherwise they can cut you and you just won’t finish. I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to stay under that but there are also characters you can stop and take photos.

I’m starting to plan more of my trip *cough* just making the list of things I still have to plan *cough*. I want to get a Disney-themed top to run in. I’m probably going to wear my Hollywood Studios hat I bought back junior year of high school. I still need to buy my plane ticket and figure out lodging.

It’s going to be a ton of fun and I’m super excited.

Last week or so…

Sat Sept 21- 3 mile run (37 mins)

Wed Sept 25- 8 min run, 10 mins strength training, 10 mins stretch

Thurs Sept 26- 3 mile run (32 mins)

Fri Sept 27-  10 min circuit training, 20 min run, 30 mins yoga

Next week I might try to do more circuit and weights. The only “problem” is that it’s amazing running weather out right now so I always want to do mine outside but I never know how far I can go if I do them first and if I do them after than I end up collapsing or losing form. So we’ll see. Maybe I’ll just do one and not run that day. We’ll see.

What are your favorite workouts? How’s the weather by you?

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