T-4 weeks: Run Disney

How do I have just a month left before Disney? I bought my plane ticket this week and still need to purchase a carry-on since apparently airlines are starting to charge for those and I’m not too convinced I can still pack a week in my backpack. I definitely feel like it was easier in Europe because I knew I’d have to carry it with me for an entire day… twice.

This week has been kind of gloomy. I don’t think I went outside to run at all and when I run at the gym I only like to do a couple miles because I don’t like treadmills. So I don’t feel like there’s been much progress but at the same time I have done more weights so I feel a bit stronger.

Next week I’m going to attempt to eat less junk. I’ve been having so much candy and chocolate and I’ve been working out partially to not feel as bad about it but it still isn’t healthy.

This is going up super late and I did work out today but just so it’s consistent I’m only going to do last Saturday through Friday.

This past week:

Mon Sept 30- 17 min lunchtime walk, running 21 mins, 20 mins weights, 2 yoga sessions totaling 22 mins

Wed Oct 2-  26 min lunchtime walk

Thurs Oct 3- 23 min lunchtime walk, 20 min run/ incline walk alternating, 20 mins weights, 12 mins yoga

If anyone is super curious when I do a run/ incline walk workout I do 2 minutes at 5.5 or 6 mph and then 1 minute at 13 incline at 3.5. That’s what I’m at currently but sometimes i up it.

How’s everyone’s weekend going? Anything exciting happen this week?

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