Productivity tips that don’t work for me

I’ve talked a couple times about how I become more productive and how I increase my productivity. You can read some here and here. While writing this I’ve realized I haven’t talked about productivity tips in a while so if you have anything you want to read about let me know.

In figuring out what makes me more productive I’ve also found some tips that help other people that don’t help me. If you’re looking to get more done I’d still say try these because everyone is different and just because something doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.

Time blocking- This is basically taking your day and breaking it up into parts. Like from 8-9 write a blog post, 9-9:15 eat breakfast 9:15-10:30 workout etc. This is honestly too regimented for me. I might wake up and decide I want to do some yoga and then do a blog post but with calendar blocking I wouldn’t be able to do that.

Instead what I do is have a list of things I want to get done in a day and then I’ll do the thing I want to or need to get done first. On today’s list is write this post, do a PR for Hacktoberfest, do half an hour of yoga and go to my cousin’s bridal shower. I really want to be coding right now but I know I want to get this post out before noon so it takes priority.

Pomodoro technique- The schedule of working for 25 mins without distractions then take a five minute break, repeat until you’re done. This doesn’t work for me because of the age old “I want to do what I can’t.” When I try this all I can think about is that five minutes and my fingers itch to go on Facebook and Twitter even if I don’t actually care to. I also get so involved in a task once I become focused I just want to finish it.

Instead I base it off tasks. I’ll break a larger task into smaller tasks and once I finish each of those smaller tasks I’ll take a quick break and check social media, go for a short walk around the room etc.

Turn off things you don’t need-┬áThis is supposed to include things like Facebook, phones, YouTube etc. However, I work with social media and sometimes things bounce, sometimes things go wrong and I have to go on and fix it. When I’m working on code my favorite tutorials and resources are on YouTube etc. so it’s not always possible for me to turn these things off.

Instead I started to use app timers so after I spend x amount of time on an app it kicks me out for the rest of the day. If I end up needing to get back on again I have to go through the settings and change it. However since utilizing this I’ve been more careful about how I use that time because I don’t want to have to change it.

What are some tips that work for you? What about that don’t?

4 thoughts on “Productivity tips that don’t work for me

  1. I find to do lists are my best friend. I try to keep a weekly list in a journal with a small section for weekly repetitive tasks that always happen (garbage day, reports at work, stuff like that) and another section for long term goals I don’t have to work on now but shouldn’t forget about. I don’t have too many hard deadlines so this is my best system.


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