Let’s talk reading slumps

It’s been almost three months. I’ve been in a slump for almost three months. I’ve finished a couple of books but I’ve had near zero desire to read anything.

I’ve been busy with work and studying and cleaning and life and workouts and reading falls to the side so often. Which makes me wonder if it’s just me being busy or an actual slump. I think it’s a mixture.

The weird part? I don’t really miss it, but it’s bothering me I’m in the middle of nine books. I find this happens a lot when I read a ton of books at once.

I know a lot of people who push through slumps or dedicate a certain amount of time to read each day but honestly if I dedicate a certain time to it I end up scrolling through social media instead. I never force my way though a book slump so my reading has been way down since then. Unfortunately because of this I don’t have any tips to get over them.

So what do you do with that spare time that had been going to reading?

Honest answer: a lot more YouTube/ Netflix.

Another equally honest answer: more learning.

Basically my mornings are more study focused rather than a half and half thing I used to have way back when. However, at night instead of reading I’ll go and watch hours on end of YouTube and Netflix with my laptop calling to me. Some nights I focus on learning as well.

How do you deal with slumps? Are you the type that can push through them or do you just let them happen?

7 thoughts on “Let’s talk reading slumps

  1. I’ve been in a slump for most of the year because I’ve been too busy to focus on books. I just let the slump happen. I finished 6 books in September, so maybe it’s finally starting to get better? I don’t know. That’s still way less than I usually read in a month.


  2. When I am in a slump I read shorter or more fast paced book, reread a favorite, or just try and read something completely different from what I have been reading. I will hold off on certain books and hope I get over it sooner rather than later.


  3. I feel like I don’t mind the slumps where it’s because I’m busy as much as the normal slumps because I’m still being so productive.

    I’ve finished a couple in September but they were also all ones I’ve been reading for a while.


  4. It’s funny you say this because I was at the library last night and picked out You are A Badass Every Day which after the intro is one-two page sections. A lot of books I’m reading have long chapters so hopefully this will help when I have 10 minutes here and there.

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