Top audiobooks I’ve listened to

Why yes, lists are my go-to when I want to blog but don’t know what to blog about. Why do you ask?

Yes, audiobooks are reading. I will admit it is a completely different experience but it’s still reading. I started incorporating audiobooks into my reading about a year ago now. I don’t listen to them a ton. I know what types of books I like on audio vs physical and I’m not always in the mood to read them, but they do count toward my reading goal.

Generally speaking Middle Grade and non-fiction translate really well to audiobooks for me.

Becoming by Michelle Obama- I listened to the majority of this on audiobook before it expired and then read the rest physically. It’s so cool to see where Michelle Obama came from and all the things she’s overcome while keeping her family grounded. This is narrated by Michelle Obama.

On Writing by Stephen King- I let one of my best friends borrow this and it’s been two years so I decided to listen to the audio instead. King is one of my favorite authors and it’s so cool to hear about his life and how he does things. The thing that stuck out the most was that he does a lot of “what if” scenarios. As in “What if all the women fell asleep?” And he just goes from there.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson- I listened to this about a year ago and learned so much about the company and Jobs’s life and the work ethic they all have in order to make a universally-used product. It was like listening to a podcast and I’d listen on my way to work and back. It was an enjoyable book.

The Witching Hour by Anne Rice- I may not have finished this if I hadn’t been listening on audio. It has a lot of history-based stories which I normally skim over but when I listen I absorb some of it and it’s not as bad. I did buy the second one but I have yet to read it and the library doesn’t have an audio version.

What’s the best audiobook you’ve listened to? The worst?


12 thoughts on “Top audiobooks I’ve listened to

  1. I haven’t gotten too much into audiobooks. I like to look back and take notes when reading nonfiction so I’ve been sticking to physical copies.
    I loved On Writing by Steven King. I had no idea how crazy his life was. Plus, there’s good writing advice in there.
    Steve Jobs and Becoming Michelle Obama are on my To Read list too! Glad to hear they’re good books. 🙂


  2. Audiobook are reading!!!! I really love the Outlander audiobooks and I really loved Daisy Jones and the Six since they had a whole cast. I think when there is more than one narrator or one that can manipulate their voice is usually a winner for me.

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  3. I really like audiobooks with full casts. I feel those always end up being such a fun experience. I do feel though the person narrating the book can really make or break the book. I need to listen to Michelle’s book at some point.


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