T-3 weeks: Run Disney

This week has been super hectic- to the point where I only have like 10 minutes to write this post. We’ve been doing end of the year stuff at work and bridal/ bachelorette stuff at home.

This week I was super sluggish because I wasn’t having much coffee and I feel like I wasn’t sleeping as much as normal. That mixed with the fact that I failed at eating healthy it was just an overall bad week. But I did get to the four mile point! I’m hoping to do five miles after work some day this week but we’ll see if that happens. It’s been getting dark earlier and earlier.

This past week:

Sat Oct 5– I did circuit training for 18 minutes and weights for 23…. I don’t remember exactly what I did… it was a gym day though so I also ran five minutes as a warm up.

Sun Oct 6– 30 minutes Yoga With Adriene- I did the low back and hamstring routine she came out with that day.

Mon Oct 7– Ran 4.19 miles!! It took me 43 minutes, which is a great pace for me. I also did a 16 minute lunchtime walk.

Thurs Oct 17– Quick 1.17 mile run- it took me 12 minutes, which is longer than I wanted but I had candy right before so….. don’t do that. I also did the upper back love routine from Yoga With Adreine.

And that was my week! I also did some cleaning but my week got busier the closer to the weekend I got. Hopefully next week isn’t as bad.

How’s your week been? Do you like the sentence wrap-ups of my day or the bullets?


3 thoughts on “T-3 weeks: Run Disney

  1. Yoga With Adreine is amazing! Looks like you had a great week over all. I got sick so my workouts went out the window. I just can’t workout when I am sick, it always makes it so much worse.

    Either point or sentences work.


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