Axe throwing recap

As I mentioned a couple days ago my sister wanted to do axe throwing for her bachelorette party. It was actually kind of fun.

When she said she wanted to do that I started looking at places in town. Turns out one got their lease cancelled with basically no warning and the other one had postponed the opening. Thankfully fairly soon after I started looking at them they announced the inspector had gone through and they’ve been approved to open. They opened Oct 4th and I was in contact with the guy to schedule it before they opened.

When we got there we all paid, signed the waivers etc. You know, the stuff that keeps them aligned with all the legal stuff. The guy went through and spent a couple minutes telling us three different ways to throw the axe.

After that they let us just go for it and count points. The first couple times throwing the axe was terrifying. I was so convinced it was going to bounce back. And it did a bit but it didn’t often bounce back more than a foot or two. I slowly became more confident about it. I didn’t get good at it or anything.

Our board was already pretty cut up so we used that as an excuse on why ours weren’t sticking. Whether or not that was the actual reason is unknown.

My sister told me later that the other one they went to had someone stay with you and give you pointers. They also did various games so I think it all depends on where you go.

Have you gone axe throwing? Do you want to?

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