Halfway point: October

While I wrote that title I heard the voice of my training app in my head… so that’s fun.

This month I’ve been doing more than normal and I honestly have no clue how I’m balancing it all. Last night I relaxed and watched Idiocracy and After and blogged a bit, neither took a ton of concentration which was exactly what I needed.


I never officially announced it but I am doing blogtober which is publishing a blog post a day. I don’t know exactly how it started but I decided October 1st that maybe I want to. I decided to do it pretty low key, if I don’t post then I don’t post but at least I’m posting more than normal.

But it’s also me and I don’t like going halfway so I decided to actually do it. There were a couple times my posts didn’t go up until nighttime but I’m doing it and it’s pretty easy.

A part of me is thinking I should do National Blog Posting month and Blogmas. Just post every day for three months straight.


I am also participating in Hacktoberfest. Basically, I have to do four pull requests (requesting to merge changes into some open source code) this month. My plan was to do one the first couple days and then one each Saturday. Basically I’m one behind where I was planning to be at.

First Pull Request:

This was a super simple one just to get used to the process of doing a PR. There was good documentation and I basically just had to put in a new JavaScript object of a movie, emojis, etc.

Second Pull Request:

I had a goal to do something in C++ and since I’m just learning I decided to do one that was a HackerRank problem. I didn’t want people to just be able to copy the answer blindly so I also added in a couple comments about why the answer is what it is and why it isn’t as straightforward as I thought it’d be. I did one on a for loop and one on pointers.

I had only done pointers and then I was looking at PRs other people have put in and someone else had already done that. So note to myself (and others): LOOK AT THE PENDING PRs.

How’s your month going? Have you accomplished any goals?


8 thoughts on “Halfway point: October

  1. That’s so cool you’re participating in Hacktoberfest! That sounds like a lot of fun and your pull requests sounds immersive to me.
    My Blogtober is chugging along. Starting to feel a mid-month drag. We’ll see what I end up posting today. lol


  2. I’m going to try to do more impactful PRs for the other two!

    I know the feeling… Yours have been so interesting! I’m so bad at actually remembering to like and comment on stuff when I read it so that’s a goal for me the second half.


  3. I feel ya! It takes a lot of energy to like and comments others posts but it seems like that’s half the point of Blogtober. I like it too because it gets me out of my bubble.
    I’m glad you think mine are interesting – thanks! It’d be cool to see some screenshots of your finished Hacktober work (if you’re able). 🙂


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