Movie Recap: Idiocracy, After, It: Chapter II

My mom got Idiocracy from the library (finally) after my sister (I think) told her to watch it. Then I wasn’t quite ready for bed, didn’t feel like getting up to get anything either so I watched After on Netflix. All of this while I knew I was watching IT: Chapter II the next night.

Basically I’ve watched three movies in the past two days. That’s more than I normally watch in three months because I don’t actually like laying around for that long or staying on one storyline for that long. But TV shows I can binge. Doesn’t make any sense to me either. I’d say a recap or these is in order.


This was a good movie, but I probably will never watch it again. It was pretty interesting, but one time was enough.

For those who haven’t heard of it basically there’s an experiment to freeze two people for a year and then thaw them out. Shortly after they freeze things happen and the experiment is forgotten. They wake up 500 years later. Since then intelligence went down so they wake up the smartest people in the world.

It was just a mindless movie. Unlike a lot of dystopians it wasn’t particularly worrying or terrifying because I just don’t see it happening.


I read this earlier this year and when I saw it was on Netflix I was like “I need to know if it’s better or worse. How cringe is it going to be?” Basically I had ended up hate reading the book and I recently DNF’d the third book because I realized I have better things to do with my time; like the eight other books I’m reading.

This movie was actually better than the book? It tuned down a lot of the problematic aspects and took out a lot of repetitive parts but in doing so it also took away a lot of what makes it “After”. It went into the second book so I’m kind of glad I kept reading but at the same time it just wanted a wrapped-up ending rather than the cliffhanger of the book.

The first book is pretty hefty and so there was also a lot cut out. If you hadn’t read the book I don’t know if you’d actually follow completely what was happening. It also changed a lot to make it more family friendly. It’s a new adult novel. Not young YA like the movie.

I had massive Twilight vibes for a lot of the movie because of the style of acting. I don’t really know how to describe it. Not good, but not bad either.

IT: Chapter II

When Chapter I came out I planned to see it opening weekend. I ended up seeing it like four months ago. I was not about to let that happen again so I went to $5 Tuesdays at the theater near me.

There are two things I hate in horror movies. Eyeballs and spider legs coming out from things (the legs thing is probably thanks to that Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark story). This movie has both… which I didn’t appreciate.

Other than that it was amazing. They have such a great team with the CGI and the actors are fantastic.

I read the book a couple years ago and because it’s been so long I don’t remember exactly what was left in vs taken out vs added. I think this probably made my experience better because I wasn’t constantly comparing them. However, a couple times I was like “oh, was that in the book?”

Have you seen any of these? What movies are on your watch list? What have you watched recently?

3 thoughts on “Movie Recap: Idiocracy, After, It: Chapter II

  1. I saw some of Idiocracy in school and remember finding it funny. I always wanted to watch the rest but never did but this is something I’d like to rewatch and see the whole thing in the future.


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