Update on blue light reducer glasses

A couple months ago I got new lenses in my glasses. This was around the time there were a ton of sponsored posts for the blue light reducing glasses and I was curious. My sister is an optometrist and I asked her if they worked and she said something along the lines of there aren’t any studies that say either way.

So they are supposed to help reduce the amount of blue light you see throughout the day. Blue light comes mainly from computers and phones. The blue light can delay the release of melatonin (what helps you sleep on a regular schedule) and some other stuff but that’s the main reason people have been using it. I did look into other things but without the research I just view them as scare tactics.

Well. I spend 8 hours in front of a computer, another couple looking at my phone and even more looking at my computer for hobbies. I decided I may as well try them and make up my mind myself.

The helpers at the optometrist told me it normally takes a couple days to a couple weeks to tell a difference. When I got them I realized there was a brown-ish tint to them that didn’t show much in their sample one. TBH this kind of drives me insane.


I hadn’t been sleeping well, I was tossing and turning quite a bit. I’d be up until like 2 am. I have the blue light reducer on my phone which helps a bit but not much.

First couple weeks:

Not much change. I didn’t sleep a ton sooner, faster or deeper. This honestly might be because after a certain amount of time I take off my glasses for the night even if I’m still on my phone because they’re mainly for reading.

As I had them for a month or so I started falling asleep faster. So they took a while to start working for me.

A couple months later:

I switched my phone to go to black and white after 8:30 and that helps a lot more than the glasses ever did but I am sleeping a ton better and I feel like it might be a combined effort.


If you want to try it yourself do so but I think they’d be a lot more effective for people who wear glasses the entire day since I was still being exposed to blue light for a couple hours a day.

I honestly don’t know if I’m going to get them in my next pair of glasses but I have 8 months to think about it.

Do you have blue light filters? How’s your sleep?

4 thoughts on “Update on blue light reducer glasses

  1. Thanks for reviewing these glasses! I’ve been interested in blue light reduction glasses since seeing them. The designs look cool but I wasn’t sure if they worked. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I have the same thing on my glasses. But, I think if I just had them without combining them with “night time” modes on my tv, computer, and phone it wouldn’t be as effective for sleep. The one thing I did notice within the first few weeks is my eyes hurting less. My eyes were straining because I too look at the computer a good deal of the day, for some reason these glasses have helped me a ton with that.


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