T-2 weeks: Run Disney

Well… this week didn’t happen and this post is going to reflect it. I’m just going to pretend it didn’t. I think I worked out once. Looking back I don’t even know what I was doing most nights.

It’s been cold and rainy and just horrible weather in general. Honestly, I probably should have fit in a couple more workouts… but I didn’t. Hopefully I’ll get in a five mile tomorrow.

Last week:
Thurs Oct 17- I wanted to go for a five mile run but it was 53 degrees with the sun going down and my knees didn’t appreciate it so I cut it short and only ran for 2.5 miles.

And yeah…. that’s it….

What’s everyone been up to? How’s your week been?

7 thoughts on “T-2 weeks: Run Disney

  1. I feel you on this. We’ve been in the same boat. I am really hoping the weather is good on Thursday and I’m not as tired so I can get in a longer run. I do have a 5 mile on Sunday so that should be fun.


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