Scary Movie to be watched

TBW: To Be Watched… that’s how that works… right?

I’m heading to Halloween Horror Nights in a week and a half and I still have some movies I want get to before I see the haunted houses based on them. I also have some horror movies I haven’t gotten to yet that I would like to see this season.

All of these are ones I have out from the library or have holds on so hopefully it’ll happen:

Horror nights list:

Paige gave me a list of movies to watch as well as telling me I need to watch Stranger Things (which I’ve done already).

US This was on my list to watch when it originally came out… in March. Story of my life.

House of 1000 Corpses This one she told me I can skip if I want to but I still want to watch it because it sounds interesting based on the title alone.

Ghostbusters I know… I know. How have you not seen it? This is a classic! I still haven’t seen it.


Halloween I feel like I might have watched this one a couple years ago but I really don’t remember much of it so it might have been another one in the franchise. So this will either be a rewatch or a first watch. We’ll see.

The Strangers: Prey at Night The original Strangers was the first movie to actually terrify me in recent history. Basically they’re about random people coming up to a random house in the middle of nowhere and tormenting them.

The First Purge I’ve watched all of the Purge movies in theaters except this one because they were getting pretty repetitive. The Purge house last year was amazing though so I’m excited to watch it.

The Raven Murders based on Poe? Sign me up. I don’t know how he came up with those ideas but the idea of copycat murders is so morbidly interesting.

Seven This one is someone committing murders based on the seven deadly sins and it follows the detectives trying to solve them. Again, morbidly interesting.

4 thoughts on “Scary Movie to be watched

  1. I wish I was going to Universal Horror Nights. I am bummed I am missing it. I wouldn’t mind checking out the US and Stranger Things part. I am behind on Stranger Things so maybe that’s for the best. Also Ghostbusters would be cool too.

    I’ve only seen Seven from your list of other movies, I really enjoyed that one a lot. I vaugley remember trailers for The Raven but I do remember it peaked my interest. Hope you enjoy all these movies!


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