Run Disney update- maps announced

So I had a blog post all ready for today and then they released the Disney 10k map (along with all the others). For some reason I thought we were just running outside the park entrances. Obviously the whole gimmick (as Reg said) is that you run inside the parks. We’re running through Epcot and passing through the countries.

They gave us the time we have to be there at (4:30 am) which you actually know when you sign up but it’s slowly starting to become more real. I’m starting to plan out what to wear and what to eat for dinner and breakfast.

It seems like it’s going to be a fairly flat course which is good and bad. Good because it’ll be easier to run through and bad because I feel like hills break up a course. I’m still torn on them but I’m just going to be thankful it’s flat.

This is the first race I’m running that has a pace requirement. You have to go faster than 16 min/ mile and I’m currently at 11:30 min/mile for longer runs so I’m not too worried about that. The only thing I’m even slightly worried about is my knee sometimes hurts on longer runs. Once I ice it after it’s fine though. Sometimes even without ice so we’ll see.

Along the way there’s also opportunities to take photos with characters. I don’t know how many I’ll do but I’m thinking at least one because it’s part of the experience. I don’t normally do character photos.

Do you have any races left this year? Anything you’re working towards?

2 thoughts on “Run Disney update- maps announced

  1. Wow, a pace requirement! That makes it a little more intense even though you seem more than prepared for it. I ran a race once that had a drawbridge in the middle of the course. You can to get over the bridge by a certain time or they would raise it!


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