T-1 Week: Run Disney

The run is one week away! I repeat ONE WEEK. And I do not feel ready at all. Like I’ve said before I’m not too worried about not being able to finish the race because I’m pretty sure I can, I’m moreso worried about how deathlike I’ll feel when I’m done and I really want to run the whole thing which I’m not too sure will happen.

That being said I did work out more this week than last. I ended up getting two workouts in. I’ll probably go to the gym Monday and Tuesday and I leave on Wednesday.

This past week:

Tues Oct 23: I did 10 mins alternating between 2.5 mins rowing and doing slider lunges and jump squats. Then I did 25 mins on the bike. I really didn’t want to run but I wanted some cardio in.

Thurs Oct 24: I ran on the treadmill for about 20 mins and then did heavier weights for legs than I normally do and cut down on rest times. Although that probably was a really good approach and something I should do more it was really because I was short on time.

How’s everyone’s October going? It’s going by so fast!

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