2019 goal check-in

The beginning of this year I posted my top four goals of the year and I’ve accomplished three of them already! So I’m pretty proud of myself.

Go somewhere new

This year I went to St. Cloud, MN; Marinette, WI and will be going to Seattle, WA. I think that qualifies as a go somewhere new. This is something that I love doing every year. I love the feeling of going someplace new and exploring because every town has it’s own vibe.

Read 35,000 pages

As of mid-October I’ve read 21,000 pages. I have all of the audiobooks I read on Goodreads switched to those formats so I’m pretty sure this number is without the audiobooks I’ve read. We’ll see if I get to 35,000 but I highly doubt I will. Especially considering my multi-month slump.

Keep learning

This year I learned the basics of Photoshop and started using it at work. I also have learned JavaScript more in depth, VueJS and basics of C++. So basically lots of programming stuff was learned.

Do more in the blogging world

I planned to do a readathon and a readalong this year. I only ended up doing the readathon but it was a lot of fun! Luna was my amazing cohost and we did Count of Monte Cristo. I loved having a cohost because I knew I’d have at least one person to talk to. I also was a BoutOfBooks expert for the first two readathons this year. Unfortunately I was insanely busy during the third one so I didn’t put my name in for it.

How are your goals coming along?

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