Hacktoberfest wrap-up:

Technically there’s still four days left of Hacktoberfest so if you want to you can still join in! However, I still have so much left to do that I know last night’s PR is going to be the fourth and final one. Which means I finished it! As long as they’re all marked as valid which I’d be surprised if they aren’t.

Briefly, my goals were the following:

  1. Contribute to one climate change- based project
  2. Do one PR where I have to learn something new
  3. One contribution using C++ (if I fail on any this will be it since it’s a super new language to me)
  4. One contribution utilizing React or Vue frameworks

I only completed two and three… in the same PR. I searched and searched GitHub for issues on climate-based projects for hours but they were all outside of what I know how to do… by a long shot. Also, it’s difficult to find projects with specific frameworks/ libraries.

This year all of my PRs were smaller issues because I was so insanely busy (bridal showers, homecoming, planning trips, Halloween, the list goes on). And I know I could have made more time to do bigger issues but as I near the end of October I’m facing major burnout so it’s probably better for my mental health that I didn’t.

So will I keep doing open source?

Yes. I want to try to do some larger problems and take time to really dive in. I’d love to find one specific project to contribute to multiple times. I’d love to contribute to something people actually use or games I can add features to. Really, the sky’s the limit but it’s something that’s a lot more time consuming than I realized and the imposter syndrome flared up majorly.

I also want to start a project people can add onto, but I’m still figuring out what I want it to be. There are already so many different repos about resources to learn and I want something fun.

This is getting pretty long (for me) so I’m going to do a part two talking about what my actual contributions were to projects.

Did you participate or have you contributed to open source? What was your experience like?


2 thoughts on “Hacktoberfest wrap-up:

  1. So awesome to hear! I’m really impressed you added to an open source project. Did you know that’s how eBay started? Before it was eBay, the creator used open source software to build out his idea. I just learned that in the book I’m reading. Cheers to the final week of Blogtober!


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