Pre-travel trip tips

As I was getting ready for Florida I started to realize I have an internal checklist every time I travel. Some things are pretty obvious, others I forget about until the day of. I actually found the post about what I have in my carry on bag to be helpful when I was packing for this trip as it has sadly been over a year since I flew.

Simple tips for travel prep

Check your baggage restrictions. This used to be a really obvious thing. One carry on and one personal item. Now however, some airlines are saying just a personal item and then you have to pay for a checked bag. No carry on allowed.

I don’t really like that because I get paranoid they’re going to lose my luggage but also I get where they’re coming from because they normally have to waste time figuring out who’s luggage to store.

Portable charger/ extra cords. In case one breaks, have extras. In case your phone dies have power. It’s simple things that aren’t always in the front of your mind.

Call about cards- all of them. It recently came to my attention that not everyone has to do this but just for your peace of mind just call your cards and put a travel announcement on your cards so they don’t mark charges as fraudulant.

Do your laundry a week or so before. Trust me on this. I did my laundry two days before this time and it lead to very, very late packing.

Triple check names/ info on tickets. I never had a problem with this until this trip. They had first name and middle initial smooshed together. I called and had them fix it only to find out that is how they should be printed BUT it should be my entire middle name so who knows if I’d have trouble getting on the plane or not.

What are your travel tips? Tell me what ones I missed!


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