Blogmas: Book Review: The Toll by Neal Shusterman

37632682._SY475_Author: Neal Shusterman
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
US Pub Date: Nov 5, 2019
Format: Hardback
Genre: YA Fantasy

This is book three of Arc of a Scythe. There will be spoilers for books one and two but NOT book three.

You have been warned.

My Thoughts:

I absolutely adored Scythe and Thunderhead both. I was so eagerly awaiting this one that I went out and bought it on release day. Which is something I rarely do. I went home and started reading- another thing I almost never do. Let me tell you. The Toll? It’s huge. The page thickness is part of that but it’s bigger than I thought so I knew it’d take a while to get through.

My buddy reading group and I all read the first two together and we had all of these theories about what “The Toll” referenced. We were right on some, wrong on others.

Let’s start with the beginning. I assumed it would start when they found the two (because we all know there’d be an uprising if they didn’t) and one of the storylines did. The other timeline was immediately after the sinking. Eventually they combine into one storyline and it’s great.

But…. (because lately there always seems to be a but)… I feel like it was all wrapped up too perfectly. There wasn’t really a sense of urgency at any point in the book to me because I felt like it was going to all be tied up in a nice neat bow.

The writing is the same as the rest. It’s very easy to get through and I love the interjections of other writings from the world. It really adds to the world building.

I honestly think my main problem with this novel was that the other two were so strong and there were so many different plot twists I didn’t see coming and this one was just a bit weaker and less twisty.

In all I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this series to anyone. I loved them as a whole and will definitely be rereading them (I’ve already reread Scythe).

Have you read any of these? What are your thoughts?

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