Blogmas: Travel plans in 2020 and beyond

I’m warning everyone now this is a stream of consciousness post. It’s super sporadic.

Every year one of my main goals is to travel someplace new. This started when I did study abroad and realized how much I loved new places and exploring them. Okay, maybe it started when I was a kid and we did vacations every summer.

My travel bucket list has grown so much but I’ve also done so much travel that it all evens out. I’d like to think it is possible for me to go to all these places in my life and hopefully I will.

My store manager asked me where the next place is on my bucket list and honestly I don’t know. Now that I’m thinking about it the majority of the places are international (AKA pricey and time consuming). I want to go to the great barrier reefs, the Amazon, Egypt, Scotland, Machu Picchu, Japan, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have a couple things on my US bucket list like Vegas, Maine, NYC, national parks, Halloweentown (celebration in Oregon). However, these are easier to get to, I know I’ll do at least one this year. They’re easier to tick off. A long weekend here, a long weekend there. Opportunities may come to go to places that aren’t even on this list.

But when my store manager asked me it stopped me for a second because I don’t have any travel planned. My life is up in the air sure, and now my friends are talking about Vegas again but we don’t know if it’s even happening.

Not going to lie, it’s kind of weird. I normally know at least one new place I’m going for sure next year but this has been a part of my life for so long that I don’t normally have to try to make it happen anymore.

What are some places on your bucket list? Do you have any travel planned?

2 thoughts on “Blogmas: Travel plans in 2020 and beyond

  1. I haven’t been to the US and its definitely on top of my travel list especially your national parks!! 💚
    I’m going to Taiwan, August of next year! But Morocco is also on my travel list . If odds worked out hopefully I’ll be able to finalize my travel there next hear. 😊


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