#Blogmas: Beating the Instagram algorithm

For those who don’t know, my day job is being an SEO and social media coordinator. On top of that I’m obsessed with posting to Instagram (I have three personal accounts… whoops.) I’ve gained a following on my favorite of the three of almost 700 in three months. I’ve played around with different types of posts and engagement to see what works the best.

One thing I’ve noticed is that different strategies work for different types of accounts. For example for bookstagram genuine interaction works the best because the book community is so friendly and it’s more informal. For programming accounts there’s an increase in engagement when you teach something or give tips because there are so many interesting topics to talk about.

Here are some things that help beat the Instagram algorithm:

  1. Comments: Engagement goes up when you comment on others’ posts. They increase the visibility of your account to others.
  2. Hashtags: Make sure to switch them up. Not only does this help you not get shadow banned but people don’t check every single hashtag. They may have favorites so utilizing different ones will show your account to others.
  3. Sharable content: In 2020 Instagram is focusing more on the number of times your post is shared than they had previously. This goes with the theory that posts that get shared are cared about more.
  4. Consistency: If you only post once in a blue moon that means your post will most likely be buried because Instagram won’t know if people will like it.
  5. Questions: I like ending my posts in questions to increase engagement. The more quality engagement you receive the higher up it goes.

Of course Instagram is always a giant question mark. None of us know for sure what will help boost but these are some good places to start.

Feel free to share your tips/ handles below!

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