7 projects, 12 months

So originally I was planning to do a 12 projects, 12 months year-long project. I only had two ideas and one is a bigger one. Someone gave me the idea of doing sprints for it and develop it in different phases.

But I still want to do other projects along the way so I decided to switch off months, or do a couple months of sprints and then switch to a different project but I’ve decided to talk about some projects exactly I want to do.

I honestly haven’t decided all of them but getting started on these will take me through September so I’m sure I’ll have more ideas later.

Projects to be completed:

Workout Calendar– This is going to be my larger project. I’m hoping to do six different sprints in order to get it up and running and quality. I’m hoping to have it to at least a usable state by April at the latest. I also want to create this as an app which I have never done before. If anyone knows if there is an android equivalent to this site let me know.

Color picker that changes site colors– I saw Jack do this on his portfolio site. Basically he takes into account the color contrast for accessibility and when you choose a new focus color it’ll update the rest of the site to maintain color contrast. I thought that was super awesome so I want to try it out.

Build a react component– This seems like something that will be really quick but I want an idea for something I will reuse time and time again to do it for. I don’t necessarily care if it’s been done before but everything I’ve coded before are complete projects so I want to try to do something that can be put in multiple.

Breakout– This is one of those games I loved playing as a kid. I want to recreate this using C++ so that I have more experience instead of just lessons. Break out of the tutorial stage… get it? I’ll see myself out.

WordPress theme– I’ve wanted to create my own theme for a while now. Granted I do love my current one I do want something personalized.

Basically I want my GitHub to be a lot more entertaining than it was this year. I think this year I was stuck in a “I don’t know what I want to create.”

And who knows what 2020 will bring. If I get selected for the second part of the scholarship I’ll be doing 5 projects with the Nanodegree.

What projects do you have planned for 2020?



5 thoughts on “7 projects, 12 months

  1. I’m self taught. I did the online front end class through Udacity as a scholarship. I make sure to do coding a lot more often. I view blogging more of a when I’m in the mood for it whereas coding is more of a need to do.


  2. Hey nice project plans for the year! How do you balance coding and blogging? I’m entry level in both lol. and I have a lot to learn about coding still. Did you go to school for it or are you self taught?


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