First Two Weeks: Move to Forida

I fully intended to write up a post about my Orlando and Seattle trips back in October/ November but I also wanted to write about this before I got even further behind.

I’m officially settled, I got into town on Jan 7th and got a mattress that day, got a bed frame about a week or so later and one of my friends went with me to IKEA with a bigger vehicle and helped me set it up while watching Aladdin. We realized as we were putting it together they hadn’t told us we needed an extra part so we drove all the way back and they reimbursed us for the gas with a gift card that ended up being more than the piece itself so we got some food there as well. After my frame was up I finally set up my record player/ night tables etc and we watched more Disney+.

I bought a Disney pass relatively early on and decided on the weekday pass. I’m pretty sure it’s already paid for itself. I’ve gone a couple times just to pop into a ride or two or watch the fireworks. It’s something to do instead of just lounging in the apartment. I’m getting into a schedule of workouts, cooking, cleaning and fun time but need to work on being more productive with other aspects like my machine learning course.

I got hired this past week as a barista and I have orientation next week where I’ll learn more about the benefits and schedules etc. But I’m so excited to start, I’m reading and completing paperwork today.

One of my friends from Wisconsin already had a family trip planned when I decided to move so I spent a couple hours at Icon park and the mini-golf course with her. We also found an arcade at Icon park that was pretty cool.


We went out for Paige’s birthday to the Sugar Factory and it was kind of a disappointment. The drinks were amazing but the service and atmosphere was not. It’s one of those places I probably won’t go again but I’m glad I don’t have to wonder about it anymore.

Epcot’s Festival of the Arts started yesterday and I went with one of my friends from college who had moved down here a while ago. It was so cool seeing all the different artwork and styles and there are two different Moana ones I want. When we were there Paige O’Hara was there finishing up a couple signings on her Beauty and the Beast artwork. She was also the voice of Belle. There were other artists there signing as well.


Is there anything you want me to talk or post about? Disney? Universal? Other experiences? Let me know!

6 thoughts on “First Two Weeks: Move to Forida

  1. I am so excited you are enjoying yourself! It makes me miss Florida so much. I seriously can’t wait for our trip back and I can spend more time with you! You can scope out some sushi spots for us lol. I think eventually a fun post to do would be which is your favorite park and rides (universal and disney)


  2. Yes need to get some bomb sushi when I come through. The place at citiwalk actually isn’t bad but it was a bit pricey.

    Yes go on everything and then rate them. I am curious to see what will win.


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