Thoughts on Manic: Halsey

halsey_-_manicI decided to do something a little different today. I absolutely love Halsey and she just came out with a new album. I’ve listened to a couple songs on it already since they’re out as singles but I wanted to talk about my first impressions of each song in the new album. My thoughts on songs tend to change as I listen to them more so it’ll be interesting to go back in a month or so and see how my thoughts changed.

Also, don’t expect this to be super in depth and complex. I’m listening to them as I clean because multi-tasking. I also don’t normally pick up on meanings of songs until at least my second listen.


I liked this one. It was very much Halsey, in a very chill way. At the end there was a speaking part that I was like ehhhh. Just kind of ruined that part for me.


I’ve listened to this once before when it came out as a single and didn’t like it as much as I wanted to. Second listen through I picked up a lot more than I did the first time and actually started to like it. It’s a very mellow song to just put on and lay around.


I love this song. It’s on my car rides playlist and I’ll sing along to it. The first time I listened to it I liked it (and the timelapse). I love it when she does these combinations because it shows just how amazing and creative she is.

You should be sad

I’m going to be honest I listened to this one and watched the music video and the combination of country dancing mixed with slow pop music just didn’t do it. But the song itself I like more each time I listen to it. It just seems indecisive.

Forever… (is a long time)

I listened to this twice because it blended into Dominic’s Interlude so well. This one you can hear the heartbreaking aspects in it a bit more than other songs on the album and I think that’s part of the reason I like it so much. Not going to lie.

Dominic’s Interlude

My mind really wants to go into a deep dive into this song because I feel like there’s so much meaning in a song that’s under two minutes. Her interludes are my favorite parts of her albums to dissect and they flow flawlessly into her next song.


I think this is my favorite chorus so far and I know I’m going to be singing it as I’m driving around town.


Instant. Love. I’m definitely going to be listening to this one time and time again to learn the words and end up getting tired of it.

Without Me

This came out as a single a long time ago. It was the first single off this album and I’ve loved it from first listen. I did overplay it for a while but I’ve backed off and I still love it.

Finally // beautiful stranger

The notes in this song sound so familiar and it’s bothering me where I’ve heard it before. I feel like it goes with the lyrics “it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you around” but I can’t place the song title.

Alanis’ Interlude

This wasn’t on the list I copied from Wikipedia to make this post so it was a plesant surprise. She has some awesome guest artists on this album! I’m loving it.

killing boys

The talking part in the beginning of this is awesome. As much as I don’t like seeing Halsey music on TikTok (because let’s face it a lot of that music isn’t good if you listen to the whole song but there are exceptions) I feel like it will be on there soon.

SUGA’s Interlude

This went so far over my head. SUGA is in BTS (thanks Google!) and so a lot of this is in Korean which I don’t understand.


Again a more chill song that I absolutely adored. It blended in so well with the interlude beforehand and it had so much raw emotion in it.

Still Learning

This is the self love anthem that is needed. It’s all about progress and change. Plus the beat is great!


I’ve come to the conclusion I love her more personal songs that aren’t necessarily about heartbreak but about growing up and this is one like that.


This is most definitely a breakup and personal growth album. Overall I really love how it went from slow to fast and back. She hasn’t broken the streak of good albums yet and I’m so glad.

Every time Halsey releases an album she talks about how an album (at least the first time) should be listened to in order and I wholeheartedly agree. Now excuse me while I go listen to this album 10 more times.

What are your thoughts on Halsey/ Manic? Who’s your favorite artist? Should I do this again?

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