#BoutOfBooks wrap-up 27.5

This past week was a impromptu Bout of Books reading-in-place readathon. There is another one in May that’s been planned and goes all out.  Amanda and Kelly do such a good job planning those so for them to go out of their way to do another one is fantastic. This was a super chill one with just Twitter sprints.

My original plan was to finish The Magicians and read The Magician King, Kill Creek and You Are Not Alone in their entirety (basically finish off my required OWLs). I failed kind of miserably. I participated in a third of the Twitter sprints and had a decent week, I just didn’t read as much as I thought and I didn’t start You Are Not Alone.

The Magicians/ The Magician King

I read these a couple years ago and enjoyed them so much. I ended up buying copies so I could reread and then proceeded to listen to them. But they’ll probably get read again. I liked these even more the second time around. These are basically a darker fantasy that is Narnia and Harry Potter combined. I also listened to the first chapter of the third book.

Kill Creek

I think part of the reason I only got halfway through this book during the readathon is because it starts of slow. It still is kind of slow and I’m halfway through. I have no idea what’s going to happen the second half. It does the creepy parts well, you’re not sure what’s real and what’s their imagination which is kind of weird but pretty cool.

In total I’ve read/ listened to about 700 total pages. Which is more than it felt. I also did a puzzle in it’s entirety and played many video games and did a coding project and some lessons so it was a productive week regardless.

Their next readathon is May 11-17 if anyone wants to join in!

What has everyone been reading? Any readathons you’re doing?

23 thoughts on “#BoutOfBooks wrap-up 27.5

  1. I had no idea readathons/sprints were a thing until really recently, and it is IMPRESSIVE that you can do all the reading a week!


  2. For me it depends. I’ve definitely had audiobooks where I don’t retain anything but I’ve also had ones where I keep my interest longer. Its normally nonfiction, mg, ya and contemporary that I do really well with on audio

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  3. I’ve not taken part in any of the readthons that have been happening recently, mainly because I don’t see them until they’ve finished or about to finish. But I am thinking of doing the #stayhomereadrush this week.


  4. I am always impressed with people who do readathons. I can’t sit still for an hour let alone read for that long. Also Kill Creek sounds interesting.


  5. Don’t beat yourself up Jenna, you are doing great all things considered! These books sound really interesting, I’ll have to check them out, good luck for the rest of your reading month! Be kind to yourself, you’ll get there in the end!


  6. I’m doing that one too! I just finished drafting my TBR post! I’ve been keeping my eyes open since I have time so I’ve been a bit more on top of it. Tome Topple is happening sometime in May, she hasn’t released a date. BoyBandAThon is coming up (I’m not doing that one)


  7. I wasn’t planning on doing it this year because it makes me get a bit slumpy (im a massive mood reader) but I had nothing else to do so I caved. Haven’t decided if I’ll do the NEWTs yet. But there’s still time if you change your mind for the OWLS! Mine is only 4 books!


  8. I’ve never tried audiobooks, mainly as I feel like I read faster and retain more if I have the book in my hands. At least with my experience against digital copies.
    ♥ Mae


  9. Oooh Tome Topple sounds good. I was thinking of maybe doing the Asian Readathon in May as well


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