Reading Rush Readathon

Another readathon? Of course. What else do I have to do? (Answer surprisingly a lot.) However, all of these readathons I’ve been previously unable to do due to prior commitments are having ones while we’re all stuck inside to combat the boredom.

Reading Rush is hosted by Ariel and Raeleen on booktube. The stay at home readathon will take place the 16th through the 19th and has four challenges For these four challenges I’m planning on reading two books since they are allowed to overlap. I wanted to have all of them covered by OWL prompts as well but it didn’t happen.

The Unhonneymoooners

This is my read for Ancient Ruins prompt and it also can cover the prompts for being set somewhere I wish I could go (really would be anywhere at all but in this case Maui), Reading in the same room the entire time (my bedroom) and makes me smile (hate to lovers trope so I’m hoping it’s cute).

This novel is about how these two people who hate each other are the only two at a wedding who did not get food poisoning so the bride and groom gave them their honeymoon since they couldn’t enjoy it. It’s pretty obvious in the blurb that this is hate to lovers and I’m ready for it. I’ve been in the contemporary mood lately.

The Bear and the Nightingale

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a book on my TBR that fit the prompts for the OWL readathon and also had a house on the cover except the book I’m halfway through. So I had to pick a new book to fit the prompt for this readathon. I decided on a book I had picked as a buddy read with Luna and Reg back in December that I didn’t have time to read.

I don’t know a ton about it but from what I’ve gathered this is a magical realism/ fairy tale retelling. I guess there is potential for it to be able to cover the OWL about shapeshifting but I won’t know until I read it.

Are you participating in the Reading Rush? Have you before?

24 thoughts on “Reading Rush Readathon

  1. Both of these books are on my tbr! I’m participating in the Readathon as well for the first time and I’m looking forward to it. However, it’s my 3rd Readathon this month!!😱


  2. Two books on my TBR too! I started reading The Bear and the Nightingale for a readathon I host with a fellow book blogger and I’m around page 100 it’s really good! I hope you enjoy both of these and good luck for the rest of your OWLs, this reminds me that I have to get reading aha!


  3. I’ve heard really good things about The Bear and the Nightingale, I actually just added it to me TBR after I read about it in a post a couple days ago! Hope you enjoy it!


  4. I’m not participating in the Reading Rush, but I recently read The Unhoneymooners and thought it was such a funny, warm reading. I haven’t read The Bear and The Nightingale yet but I’m planning to do it soon! Can’t wait to see what are your thoughts on these books💖


  5. The Unhoneymooners sounds interesting and really cute. Would love to know how you end up liking it. Good luck with your reading goals!


  6. I’m taking part in the readathon, I did the one in July last year and it was really fun. I thought about reading The Bear and the Nightingale but decided on Stalking Jack the Ripper instead. 😄
    The Unhoneymooners sounds really fun as well, I’m going check that one out. Good luck with the readathon!


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