Time capsule post: Coronavirus

I’m originally writing this on April 22nd, 2020 at 5:30 a.m. We’ve been social distancing for over a month now and it’s given me a lot of time to think about what I want in life. It’s really messed up my sleep schedule but having no set schedule all day has made me realize what I enjoy doing to do it and not so much what I have to do to get ahead in life because I have time for both.

I am currently still getting paid from work but will be furloughed with the majority of the rest of the company in a couple weeks. This also means when work reopens we will get our jobs back. So I’m starting to think of other ways to get an income because I don’t like my emergency/ future down payment money even though I know this type of thing is what it’s there for.

I moved to Florida in January and barely got to explore before everything got shut down (and stupidly reopened) but I have awesome roommates so I know I’ll have great memories of this time… but the timing kind of sucks because I can’t do anything I moved down here for. Also a lot of the stuff I really want to do is in my hometown because that’s what my default thinking of where to go still was when things shut down.

Another ironic thing is that for as long as I can remember my consistent New Year’s resolution/ goal was to go someplace new and if this keeps up through the end of the year (which I really hope it doesn’t but people won’t stay home) this would be the first year since I started that that I wouldn’t finish it. Because I’ve been to Florida and this area of Florida before. Many times.

More factual updates:

Some things going on right now. It’s the Coronavirus, a worldwide pandemic. Italy, Spain, China and more all shut down basically completely. Florida shut down a week or two after the parks closed, after spring break because they wanted more money and shortly after decided to reopen the beaches so “people could exercise.”

There are protests going in Wisconsin and Michigan because people think the government saying to stay inside aside from essentials so you don’t get sick is an infringement on the constitutional rights. One of the symptoms has been putting people on ventilators and has a 2-3% death rate depending on the source or day you check. The particles can stay in the air from a cough or sneeze for hours. It can stay on some surfaces up to five days. There’s an incubation period where you’re contagious for up to 14 days before you even show symptoms. There is no vaccine or cure at this time. The government is protecting us by having us stay inside but there are now politicians wanting to reopen the economy. So we’ll see how it goes. I, for one, will be staying inside. But there is so much misinformation out there.

Quick view on Coronavirus:

Gas last time I went out was $1.77, but it was under a dollar back in Wisconsin.

When you go to the stores everyone is wearing masks. Some homemade, some medical.

There are plastic barriers between the customer and the cashier at most places.

They have people sanitizing carts for everyone who comes in.

There are markers on the floor by the registers and signs reminding everyone to be six feet apart.

Roads are empty and pollution is clearing up, there’s a lot more wildlife around.

Colleges and schools are shutting down. Some may be online in fall too.

There was some time when every Disney park in the world was shut down.

There are lineups outside of some places as they only allow a percentage of the capacity to go in.

Some national and state parks are closed.

Weddings, travels, concerts- cancelled. If you had an event it was probably cancelled.

I got an email about $11 flights today.

We can’t see anyone outside of who lives in our own house.

TP, wipes, Kleenex and more were sold out for weeks. Puzzles and hair dye too.

The government closed the border to keep travel away.

Disney let go CPs, ICPs and international employees. Some of who couldn’t get back home because of closed borders.

Medical workers have been stripping out of clothes before they get into their homes or sending away their kids and family to protect them.

I really hope one day we can look back on this and think we were overreacting because that means these measures worked.


19 thoughts on “Time capsule post: Coronavirus

  1. Oh my God, your gas is so cheap! It’s still over $3 in LA. There is a lot less smog and pollution here too at least.


  2. The highest its been since i moved here was 2.77. One of my roommates told me how clear it’s gotten here too but I haven’t gone out for a drive to see myself. Hopefully people realize the damage we all do and businesses can keep some people working at home to reduce traffic.


  3. So much has changed! It’s utterly bizarre but kinda cool reading about what it’s like in America! I’m in the UK and things are also mad.


  4. This was a great post and it will be strange looking back on this in a few years time, I don’t think things will ever go back to the way they were, but I think maybe some changes are for the best! I hope one day we will have a new “normal” and tht it will be better for all of us! xx


  5. I should have done one before all this happened. That would be weird to look back on after a bit.
    I think we’ll get used to the new normal and its going to be a lot healthier and hopefully more inclusive since we’ve proven so many jobs can be done at home.


  6. I’m really hoping so too Jenna. Loved your post though, it’s going to be a great way to remember and see how far we’ve come.


  7. Jenna, this post will be a great reminder of how things were after this business is all over. And I must say, that’s an awesome puzzle there, and it’s certainly beyond my skill level. It’s interesting how hard-to-get and expensive puzzles have gotten. Take care of yourself and be well. ~James


  8. I think it’s interesting to hear how other countries are dealing with the coronavirus. Here in the UK we’re in a lockdown, but there are so many people that are just acting as if it’s a holiday and visiting the Lake District (where I live).
    My sleep schedule is completely messed up too. I was basically nocturnal for three weeks and I’m only now being to get into a new routine.


  9. It was beautiful! I bought it back in January cause I saw a time-lapse of someone doing one and then i didn’t touch it until March 😂 it took two or three weeks and two of us. I hope you can find some more nonexpensive ones!


  10. That’s my fear when things open up I live in a very tourist-y area. I think all of it is shut down right now but the beaches in the rest of the state are open again so I’m pretty sure people are flocking there.


  11. What the world is going through right now is something so horrible it almost doesn’t feel real. I can’t even register that 200k+ people have died, let alone what millions of families are going through. This has definitely changed us entirely, is important to see how other countries are dealing with this. Fortunately my country’s authorities didn’t waste time and we have little more than 300 cases only.


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