Two Holidays, One Weekend: Horror Nights, RunDisney, Christmas

I know, I know, It’s been six months since I went to Orlando and still didn’t post it. What kind of a blogger am I? Well, there’s a (decently) good reason besides just being busy. I really wanted to add a video to this post. I had so much fun Halloween Weekend I really wanted to have that visual as well. And I just spent three hours editing the footage into four minutes.

Seriously, props to all the YouTubers out there. But if people enjoy having both I’ll be happy to continue when it makes sense!

Halloween Horror Nights

HHN 2019We stopped by Horror Nights multiple times and went to all but one house. Paige told me what movies I needed to watch about a month before so I went through and watched almost all of them. I’m pretty sure that made me enjoy the houses even more and I’m going to have to do that again this year.

I’m not going to pretend to remember all of the houses and scare zones six months later. However, I loved the Monsters and Killer Klowns house. The Vanity Ball scare zone was done amazingly. I loved the different ways they had surgeries go wrong.

We also saw Academy of Villains multiple times and they amaze me every single time. I still have one of the songs from the shows on my playlist and I’m (im)patiently waiting to see them perform again.

Wine and Dine Run

Earlier this year Reg talked me into signing up for the Disney Wine and Dine 10k run and RunDisney 2019I already signed up for this year’s with another friend. It was an amazing experience. There were 12,000 people, six corrals and countless waves.

Throughout the run there were different characters like Mary Poppins and Carl. The lines to meet these characters were super long so we didn’t stop to take any pictures. I think we’re planning on it this year though.

There were also screens with nostalgic scenes playing through with sound. On the site it says not to bring headphones but I can’t run without them and I’m glad I did because I don’t think there was music throughout so I would have hated it.

I definitely bought the overpriced champagne after because I deserved it. Even now when I drive down the streets I think “Hey, I’ve ran here before.” And I think that’s so cool.

Disney Christmas

Disney ChristmasI’ve never been at Disney for Christmas at all. Disney moved over to Christmas decorations in the middle of my visit so I finally got the chance to go. Kind of. They give Christmas parties each year and the first week the decorations are up it’s cast only so they can view it and all the kinks can be worked out.

We only went to Magic Kingdom and the decorations were so pretty! Most notable were the wreaths and a giant tree and the atmosphere was very winter-y and magical (yes, even without the snow).

I’m looking forward to going to the Christmas party so much this year!

Have you been to any of of these events? Or are you looking forward to any events later this year?

21 thoughts on “Two Holidays, One Weekend: Horror Nights, RunDisney, Christmas

  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! I haven’t been to Disney or Orlando since I was a kid, but I really want to go back at some point in the future.


  2. I went to HHN in 2018 in LA! I also did a 5K at Universal Studios last year.

    AND it was my first time EVER going to Disneyland last year!

    Nice Video! Seems like you had a great time!


  3. I desperately want to travel more- and that was before lockdown started! Posts like these give me hope I’ll get to see more incredible places one day!


  4. I want to go to the one in LA so bad! I thought about doing the 5k but then didn’t sign up and ended up working during it anyway. I’m glad you finally got to see Disneyland! I went when I was young enough to enjoy it but not really remember much. I was maybe 9?


  5. This sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve never been to Disney, but I would like to go someday 🙂


  6. Omg this seems like lots of fun, I wish I’d live in a country with Disney World because I’ve always wanted to go! Is one of the things I need to do at least once in my lifetime.


  7. I hope you can get to go sometime!! I really want to go to all of the Disney and Universal parks. When I was in Paris half our tour was a school trip to Disney and the rest of us had the choice of Versailles or exploring on our own.


  8. This is awesome! It sounds like you had a super successful trip! I’ve always wanted to go to the Halloween Horror Nights, I’m a sucker for spooky fun stuff like that lol


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