You Are Not Alone: Reading Experience

You Are Not Alone was slightly on my radar but I wasn’t going to read it until it became the book of the month for the Literally Dead book club, hosted by Books and LaLa. I’ve decided to only read the ones I can easily get or ones I’m really excited for.

I decided to do something different for You Are Not Alone by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. I want to start doing more reviews on this blog but I also wanted to do more vlog-type things because I forget how I’m feeling throughout the books.

So I’m going to update this post throughout and publish it at the end. The only reason this is will work right now is because I’m not leaving the apartment. When everything goes back to normal I may keep this and attempt to get the app to cooperate or update things when I get home.

There may be spoilers within the different parts. Overall section will have none.


I wanted to like You Are Not Alone. I really did but it just didn’t hit the spot. There wasn’t one thing I can point at and say this is why I didn’t like it.

Some of the lesser people in the group blended together and I don’t know how much of that is about how little we see them or if they are all written the same personality-wise.

It was a slow start and I didn’t really know fully what it was even about at the beginning but as the thriller went on more and more started to make sense.

You Are Not Alone cover on blanket next to reading-themed pillow

Part One:

I really have no idea where this is going. I feel as though I haven’t even gotten to into the plot. I’m still trying to figure out what the whole plot is. Which when you’re halfway done with a book shouldn’t be a thing.

So far there are two things people are trying to figure out. The first being why a nurse committed suicide and the second being what Shay’s connection is to that nurse. We know by the end of one of the first chapters there is no connection which makes that entire plot line seem useless.

I really like the writing style so far. It’s very simplistic and easy to get lost in. I’m reading this for an Astronomy OWLs prompt which is read a book when it’s dark out. This first part took me three nights due to that.

Part Two:

This brought a bit more clarity on what was going to happen and a lot more on why as well. The sisters have started to show the readers their more manipulative side and you start to find out about how they started doing what they do and why they do it.

The reasoning kind of reminds me of the reasoning in two other thrillers I’ve recently read and I actually really like that reasoning more than just a random person random time, own personal gain type thing.

Part Three:

Everything came together closer to the end of the book. I think the most action came about within the last 20 pages but it worked. There wasn’t anything logically missing. I really wish she had found out the truth about Ted and Beth but I guess that’s just a lose end. It all made sense with the framing and the relationships but it just wasn’t that satisfying to me. I really don’t know what it was.

I’m going to look at the Goodreads group after this and see if anyone else feels the same way.

Do we like this style or should I go back to straight up reviews? Have you read You Are Not Alone? What are your thoughts?

If you’d like to read this type of post as I’m writing them I have sneak peaks on my Ko-Fi page! No donations needed!

18 thoughts on “You Are Not Alone: Reading Experience

  1. I absolutely loved how you did this review! It’s also a great way to keep track of your impressions throughout the read! I hadn’t heard of this book before, it’s too bad it wasn’t great!


  2. The title is so relevant to the now don’t you think? I love the new format, it highlights the experience right the way through the book – not just the end result or feeling.


  3. I really enjoyed how you did this review, it’s a really good idea. Never heard of this book before, it’s a shame that overall you didn’t enjoy this book.


  4. I love this style of review! I usually keep a notes page going while I read so I don’t forget what to write about, but sharing it like this is a really fun idea! You should definitely keep going with it!


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