The Four Agreements: Reading Experience

The Potions prompt for the OWLs Readathon also coincided with one of the books I brought when I moved that was for my 30 before 30. I was debating whether I wanted to post about The Four Agreements because it’s not the type of book I generally read but I also wanted to be able to link to my thoughts on all of those books.

The Four Agreements talks about the four things you need in life to be free and happy. One of my favorite YouTubers (Kalyn Nicholson) talks about it a lot and I love her view on life and it resonates with me so I’m going through the books she talks about to learn more.

There are more sections of the book than those I’m talking about below so if you’re interested in more there’s plenty more where these came from.

Be Impeccable with Your Word

The main theme of this portion was to be careful with what you say to others. Those words stick with people, whether it’s positive or negative. Words are powerful and can change the world. It uses Hitler as an example of that one. Your word can create your life, whether that is good or bad is up to the words you choose.

Depending upon how it is used, the word scan set you free, or it can enslave you even more than you know. -Don Miguel Ruiz

We have learned throughout our life to speak maliciously through snide comments and gossip. Even throwaway comments can impact your views on people you’ve never met.

One of my friends was telling me about her history professor the previous year and I got into class the first day and realized that I had the same professor. It was funny for a second and then I started psyching myself out because she was telling me how she failed. I’ve had other teachers I’ve loved because I’ve gone in with no expectations or positive expectations.

Don’t Take Anything Personally

This next section branches off of the previous, it claims even if you just listen to these two sections your happiness will increase by 75%. This talks about how you shouldn’t take what people say to heart. No matter if it’s good or bad. That gives people power over your world.

Basically, it’s saying that people can see the world through their eyes but if they’re having a bad day or a good day they’ll project it upon you. Don’t let their mood influence yours. Later it talks about how people can be addicted to suffering and that can make other people treat them in the way they expect or they  will search out ways to suffer.

That person tried to send poison to you and if you take it personally, then you take that poison and it becomes yours. -Don Miguel Ruiz

It then goes on to talk about how your mind can listen to itself because it holds a thousand different parts at a time and all of the thoughts are not always in agreement with each other. The way to overcome this is to take stock of all the different conflicts before we can create peace within our minds.

The Four AgreementsDon’t Make Assumptions

Well, this was just an entire chapter calling me out. The whole premise of this chapter is that when you make assumptions then you start to live in a fantasy where that assumption is true, when it might not be. To combat this ask questions and be impeccable with your word. Yes, this probably will lead to lots of talking and conversations.

Your love will not change anybody. If others change, it’s because they want to change, not because you can change them. -Don Miguel Ruiz

This chapter also talks about how one of life’s biggest assumptions is that people think, feel, judge and abuse the way we do. This is why we fear being ourselves around people. We think they will treat us as we treat ourselves. If people don’t love you for who you truly are then why bother?

Always Do Your Best

This section is exactly what it sounds like. It rounds out the book by saying to do your best in all of the other three agreements and in life in general. If you do this you’ll live a happy life because you know that you’ve done what you can. This can also be different from day to day and hour by hour due to so many different factors in life.

You were born with the right to love to enjoy and to share your love. You are alive so take your life and enjoy it. -Don Miguel Ruiz

This entire section? Basically a giant pep talk so if you ever need a morale boost, it’s right here.

The idea of this book is you do your best to follow theses four things every day then you’ll get better at them all each day and eventually be living your best life. I thought a lot of them seemed really obvious and things I already do (or at least try to do) in my life.

Have you tried doing any of these things? Any books you’ve read along the same lines?

16 thoughts on “The Four Agreements: Reading Experience

  1. I’ve never heard of this book before but I enjoyed your take on it
    Hope the readathon is going well for you 😃 I struggled with the self help books I’ve that told me things that seem pretty obvious or that I do already


  2. Who Moved My Cheese? is the only self-help book I have read. I too find the things they say to be obvious sometimes but it can’t hurt to be reminded. Nice Post!


  3. I’ve had this on my TBR for so many years and reading your review, I just want to pick it up now, great review! 🙂


  4. This was awesome, I never usually see reviews of books like this so it’s really cool you decided to talk about it! I totally know what you mean about the assumptions thing lol


  5. Great review! I don’t read much self help books, but I think I should do it more often. All the tips in this book are really helpful and I think we could see great improvements in our lives if we take the time and dedication to apply them. Personally I try to not take things too seriously since I get mad or stressed out so easily by things that looking back weren’t that deep. This book intrigued me so I might give it a try in the future!


  6. I tend to read a couple a year so I’m slowly getting favorites. I’d love to read one a month because it makes me more motivated. I feel like there are a lot of things that aren’t worth getting mad or stressed over. I saw a quote once that was along the lines of if it’s not going to matter in five years why spend 5 minutes worrying?


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