Where I went on my Seattle Vacation

The end of last year was very heavy in general and I made it worse by having two trips, a Florida and Seattle vacation within a month. But it was so worth it experience wise.

I’ve wanted to move to Seattle right after college but it’s hard getting a job somewhere you know no one and don’t have a ton of experience. Then as I got older I decided I wanted to see if I liked the city and I fell in love with it. I really want to go back.

I traveled with one of my friends from college and we got tips on where to go from our normal server/ bartender at our sushi place. It was just a two day trip though so we barely got to experience the city, especially since it seemed really dormant the mornings we went exploring.

Best coffee shop found:

I found a coffee shop I fell in love with called Ghost Alley Espresso. I even have their sticker on my laptop. They have a mystery mocha which is where you let them know hot or iced, flavors you don’t like and they ask a couple questions. Mine were what my favorite season was and if I had a superpower what would it be. (Yes, I still remember them six months later). They gave me a hazelnut and another flavor I don’t remember because it wasn’t something I expected in a coffee. She got coconut and something else.

We found the original Starbucks, and there wasn’t a huge line but neither of us felt like waiting for coffee we can get at home. We were going to find a local place. We walked around for two hours taking in the city and found a lot, but none were open until noon.

Seattle Aquarium

We only had a couple things on our list we really really wanted to do so it was pretty chill. We spent the entirety of the first morning at the Seattle Aquarium and one of the days at the Space Needle.

The friend I went with loves animals. If .I wasn’t with her she would have spent the entire day here and will freely admit it. They had areas where you could touch some of the life that doesn’t swim away. One of them stuck to you a bit and it was so weird. I didn’t like it. I think it was an anemone but I can’t remember. We also got to see it eat some seaweed which was pretty cool (and slow).

There was also an otter feeding and you could tell the trainers love them and they would make them get some swimming in and alternated between throwing them long and just dropping it in.

It was also a day where they were recognizing the deaf community so there was a showing where the had the person in the scuba suit feeding the fish and talking and there was a sign language interpreter.

Space Needle

Our consensus was that this was a ton of fun, but if you had a family maybe not because it would get pricey fast. This was also where I did souvenir shopping for my mom and grandma. There are two floors.

One has food and drinks so we got a couple beers and watched the sunset, this was also the floor that has the observation deck outside. We leaned up against the glass part that juts out at a slight angle and I thought I was going to die. I also noticed a couple buildings have advertising on the top and I thought that was so cool because people can see it and it’s unique. The sunset was also beautiful. It was misting earlier that day so you can see the droplets on all my pictures.

The other floor is right below it and this one has the glass that looks straight down. Strangely, I didn’t think I was going to die doing that. The human body is weird. They also had someone going around and taking photos and then you can get them off the app for free.

Have you ever been on a Seattle vacation? Anywhere I should go next time? Any trip suggestions (for after COVID-19)?

14 thoughts on “Where I went on my Seattle Vacation

  1. This was a great post Jenna, you managed to do a lot in only 2 days! I would love to visit the US but I have so many places on my bucket list, I wouldn’t know where to start! I’m glad you had fun and hope you can go back there soon!


  2. Sounds like you had a fun 2 days, and you managed to fit a lot in too! I’d love to visit the US one day 🙂


  3. Great post! I’m a big fan of Frasier and I would love to go to Seattle and visit all the places that appear in the show. Thanks for sharing. 😉


  4. I want to visit Seattle but I don’t think I could live there long because of all the rain. Sounds like you had an awesome short trip!


  5. Seems like you had a great time in Seattle! You left me intrigued with all the amazing places you went -specially that coffee shop! I can’t wait to see where you’ll go next 😁


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