Recent faves during social distancing

I put up a poll a while ago on Twitter about whether I should do favorites or how I’ve been passing the time while social distancing. There is a lot of overlap but I also feel like there’s a distinction between the two. So I’m still going to do a second post on how I’ve been passing time in a week or two but for now here are all the physical favorites.

Kingdom Hearts III

I’ve thought about upgrading my Xbox360 for a while now and finally decided to get a PS4. Back in high school I played Kingdom Hearts with one of my friends and I’ve missed it so that was the first game I purchased (along with Spiderman that I haven’t started). It’s already given me so many hours of entertainment and I love having familiar characters mixed with unfamiliar. Personally, the controller is also a lot easier to use even though they’re so similar.


I got a couple Revlon nail polishes for Christmas and shortly after started working food service so I couldn’t wear them. I’ve had my nails done since the shutdown with a mint green color and they give me massive Animal Crossing vibes.

I also used ColoRista to do an ombre dye on the bottom part of my hair, which turned out green instead of blue but it’s grown on me.

I’ve also been using a holographic peel-off mask to keep my face nice and fresh and even though I didn’t like it the first time I feel so refreshed after using it now.

Coffee/ Snacks

When stocking up I found out that my favorite coffee brand is only stocked at one chain store in the area (the closest of which is by work) so I had to go back to the Dunkin’ brand I used in college. It’s slightly less bitter and cheaper but the subtle flavors are also a little off.

I also found a chocolate hazelnut latte powder that same day and you can make iced coffee, hot coffee, frapps etc. with it and it’s a good substitute for Starbucks. When I eventually fully quit being a barista I’ll be going back to buying this but shift drinks are all the specialty coffee I need.

I am a huge candy person. Chocolate or sweets and I recently rediscovered my love of TwinSnakes. They are sour on one side and sweet on the other so it’s a perfect mix. My roommate picks some up for me when she has to go to the store (along with other odds and ends I need) and found a giant bag… which I proceeded to eat in two days.

What have you guys been leaning on the last month or so? Any favorites to share?

20 thoughts on “Recent faves during social distancing

  1. This was a really nice post! I have a huge sweet tooth too, I’ve been eating a TON of red licorice lately lol Also have you ever mentioned that you were a barista before? I’m sorry if I just forgot but that’s totally cool! I wanted to be a barista for a while before I started bartending!


  2. Great post Jenna! I’ve been playing a lot of Sims4, watching Twitch, and baking. Which I’ve not really wanted to do for months, so it’s been fun getting back into it 😁


  3. Great post Jenna! I’ve been playing a lot of Sims4, watching Twitch, and baking. Which I’ve not really wanted to do for months, so it’s been fun getting back into it 😁


  4. I got the licorice that has the (supposed to be sour) flavor in the middle too and it’s sooo good!
    I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it recently but I’ve worked at Starbucks-licensed stores for almost four years now. I’ve thought about bartending but I feel I’d get overwhelmed on weekends.


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