Parting Shot: Reading Experience

Way back when, the third book in the Promise Falls Trilogy came out and I received a copy for review. I binged all three of them before the release date and LOVED them. When I realized the series was expanded I instantly put the next one on my list but it took until now to get to it.

You can read each of them separately but there is an overarching plot line on top of the individual plots that goes between all three. This one references that but hasn’t spoiled it as of 36% completion.

This is a detective mystery series that changes POV regularly between townspeople, a detective and a private investigator with the various problems in small town Promise Falls.

There will not be spoilers in the overall section but there will be spoilers in each of the percentage areas.

Parting ShotOverall

I loved this book. Am I surprised? No. Do I want to read more of his Promise Falls spin-offs? Yes. Will I? No. Because I left them at my parents’ house.

The plot is so unique and in the beginning I was constantly wondering how he thought of these mysteries and then I got so sucked into the story I stopped questioning it.

I’m always hesitant to consider this a detective mystery because over half the POVs are of the townspeople and the others switch between a PI and a detective. In general it doesn’t read like a detective story because of that.

36% Complete

Right away all the beloved characters came back and I’ll be the first to admit I don’t remember many of them. Barclay brings the reader up to speed on what happened during the trilogy through normal conversations. It doesn’t seem forced at all which is so refreshing.

As with the previous books it has multiple plot lines the detectives are trying to solve and I’m trying to figure out how they come together at the end. Plus let’s be honest, there are always multiple problems at a time in real life.

When it mentioned the back tattoo and blacking out I had to take a moment because I was like… how is this even possible to think of??? I’m impressed, just how I was about his other novels.

67% Complete

It just keeps getting better and better. At one point I thought I had one of the mysteries figured out and the detective figured it out a page later. Then even more went down. I feel like it’s problem on top of problem.

Also a random thought: the character growth in Jeremy is amazing.

This is definitely not a book that you’ll be working through over the course of months. It’s such a page turner.

I had told myself I’d update at every third but my mind is just reeling trying to figure out what’s going to happen and how its going to end.

100% Complete

How can they just end it like that? I mean, power move and huge character development but still! I loved how Jeremy changed slowly as he was with Cal; he just slowly learned how to be an adult and had some hard conversations and made realizations. And then he just snapped. I really want another story about him so badly, which is weird because he was the character I hated most in the beginning.

I’ve forgotten how he does his plot twists. Barclay does them as though you can kind of get a sense of what they are going to be and then it goes a step further or it will be in a different direction and explain the red herring later.

Have you guys read any detective mysteries? Anything good?

20 thoughts on “Parting Shot: Reading Experience

  1. Great review! It sounds like the type of book I’d love, I’m definitely going to check them out, thank you for sharing Jenna, glad you liked it! 🙂


  2. I really like how you share your thoughts at different points in the book. Great review! 🙂


  3. Great review! I think the only detective mystery books I’ve read are the Truly Devious trilogy, the first two Cormoran Strike books, and some of the Nancy Drew books, but I enjoyed them all! I want to read more in the future.


  4. I love a good detective mystery novel. Are the multiple POVs distracting? I always struggle to engage when there are more than 2/3 POVs.


  5. I don’t think so. You know who’s POV it is within the first sentence. He does a really good job of differentiating between them but I also enjoy books that are duel POVs. I know that probably doesn’t help much…


  6. I love these kind of post, the percentage part kind of reminds me of the reading vlogs from booktube where we can know what the reader is thinking at different stages of the book. Very original!
    I love detectivesque books, this one seems very interesting!


  7. I’m glad you enjoyed this! I read Elevator Pitch by him last year and unfortunately wasn’t a big fan of it, not sure his writing style is for me


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