The Angel’s Game: Reading Experience

I read Shadow of The Wind last year and it instantly became a favorite. I loved everything from the writing style to the characters and the plot. I’ve been sensing a trend coming about in my reading that I love the immersive writing. I’ve recognized it in these books and in Starless Sea. I know a lot of people don’t like that type of writing but I’d love to read more, hence why I’m reading The Angel’s Game.

As always there won’t be spoilers in the overall section but there may be spoilers within the parts.


The Angel’s Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafón follows a completely different character and story line than the first one. I don’t think you necessarily have to read the first one in order to read this one. This novel follows author David Martín, who routinely writes under a false name for a publisher.

I’ll admit, I do have a bit of a book hangover right now because I love his writing so much. The story is so beautifully crafted and full of magical realism. The characters leap off the page and I really want to read the next one but I said I was going to read Outlander and that’s been on my TBR for years and I’m so conflicted.

I read this as a part of Tome Topple and Bout of Books and the next book is too short for Tome Topple. Which also means when I get to it I’ll probably read it in a day or two.

Part One

Right away I fell back into this story, whereas the writing caught me off-guard during the first novel that was not the case with this one. I’ve flown through the first part in less than 24 hours and can tell I’ll fly through the rest faster than the first.

I love how right away within the first part you grow to love David so much, you learn his struggles and how hard he works for what little he has, he’s humble and has lost a lot and then you learn he’s going to die. As I got farther into the first half I grew worried about how the book could be so long when he was so close to the end of his life and as he was getting worse and worse.

I feel as though this is a magical realism book with Senor Corelli being his angel, giving him purpose and a way to live past when he should.

Part Two

SO MUCH happened in this part which makes sense because it’s the biggest part. I loved every second of it too.

Plus: a man I thought was going to be in all four just died. Which was kind of heart beaking and right after Davíd’s love left him. The ending of this entire section was sad.

You also hear all about the house and the previous owner. Normally that would bore me to pieces. I hate history info dumps but Zafón does them so well, it’s moreso sitting down by a fire and learning about this interesting, spooky history than it is just trying to get through the boring stuff.

I know there’s not actually anything going on between Davíd and Isabella and that they’re actually way closer in age than I picture (I picture like 40 and 16 when it’s really probably 26 and 18) but sometimes she makes jokes about marrying him and all I can think is whyyyy?

Part Three

This book. The ending. Why do all the characters I love have to die? The ending came about pretty much how I expected. It was very much that “you’re going crazy” and normally I’d be annoyed but the way the story is curated makes it so magical. I remember loving the first one and normally the second book in series has second book syndrome but this one didn’t one bit. It was actually better than the first one.

Have you read The Angel’s Game? Do you have any favorite magical realism?

19 thoughts on “The Angel’s Game: Reading Experience

  1. Great review! I really need to read the first book in this series, I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂


  2. I’ve not read this book but it sounds great! I really enjoyed The Shadow of the Wind when I read it a few years ago, so I think I’ll have to reread it and read the rest of the books! Great post!


  3. I’ve not read or heard of these books before but they sound very interesting! Nice review Jenna!


  4. I like the way you set up your reviews! I always feel I skip over my thoughts in the beginning and sometimes middle because they aren’t as important as the overall take away. Nice review!


  5. Thank you! That’s kind of why I wanted to start doing it this way! I feel like I wasn’t giving books my best view because by the end all I could remember was it was good. Or very basic overall thoughts and this way I can go deeper into to.


  6. Ooh, I’ve never read anything by Carlos Ruiz Zafón but this sounds like a really cool book, thanks for the rec!


  7. I have never read Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s books before, but I’ve only heard positive things about his work. I love inmersive writing as well! Definitely the most magical writing style in my opinion. Great review as always🤗


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