Reading Experience: Outlander: Part One

Yes, you read that right. I’m finally reading Outlander. I haven’t seen the show yet so I’m in for a treat. I got the book in a freebee pile a couple years ago and it had been on my list since then. It was on my pile for 2019 and it’s been on many smaller TBRs and I still haven’t gotten to it. Well, the time has come and it’s been the Tome Topple readathon.

I’ve decided to post this review in two parts and at the end of Tome Topple (when this is posting) I only finished the first half. Going in I knew the general basis about how she has to pick between Frank and Jamie and how it’s time travel. I’m picturing something like Kindred by Octavia E. Butler, which I loved. It was one of my favorites I had to read in school.

As always the overall part won’t have spoilers but the parts below that will.

Overall 50%

Straight off Outlander had two things going against it. I had read The Angel’s Game right before this and that my copy is mass market, which I hate due to the font size and I always get tired reading them.

So far I’m liking but not loving all the characters. I haven’t picked sides yet because I don’t really like either guy. I’m curious as to who I’ll like at the end of the series.

The writing is so captivating; when I start reading I want to keep reading but I also read it slowly and savor it. My reading speed with this book is slower and the chapters are longer but that isn’t ruining my enjoyment, it just means I have to carve out time in my day to get through larger sections and I don’t know how well that will work when I’m back at work.

Outlander reviewPart One

We already met Jamie! I was surprised, but also not. I assumed we would be introduced either in chapter two or part two. So far I’m really enjoying it. It is taking me a while to get through due to the fact my copy is a mass market book. But I am still enjoying it!

I’m no history buff so it’s really interesting to see how Claire knows how to cure things but everyone else is so confused by her methods. I’m wondering if it’s going to lead her to trouble.

Frank: I’m torn. I’m not completely enjoying Frank. He seems very insensitive to how Claire feels. Between the not wanting her around when he’s talking to his people to him constantly criticizing her because of how she is after coming back from being a nurse at the military. Plus. About how he asks her if she’s been unfaithful and then gives reasons and I’m getting the feeling he cheated.

Jamie: He’s a bit rough around the edges but I can still see why she’ll start to fall for him. He’s definitely that wounded character who I can see Claire feeling like she has to be tender and loving toward him.

Part Two

During this part of Outlander I really started to recognize the Scottish lilt in the writing. It really adds to the story instead of just saying they were talking with a Scottish accent. So far the novel is doing a really good job with the authenticity to me. Although a disclaimer: I don’t read much historical fiction. This is almost a 180 of what I normally read.

There’s a lot of world and character building in this section and I feel like that’s going to continue. Honestly, I’m not even mad about it because things happen all around and then you get to see how they react. We’re getting to see Claire as a person outside of relationships which I was really hoping for. I feel like so many times in contemporary romances you only see people when they’re with the other person.

Part Three

I’m going to be honest here so prepare yourself. I don’t really like Jamie. Don’t get me wrong. He’s very well written and I think represents the culture and time he grew up in from what little I know about it but that is exactly why I don’t really like him. I’m really hoping this changes as I continue the Outlander series.

Claire on the other hand. She’s brave and opinionated and I love her. She knows what she wants and has grown so much as a person since traveling back in time and I’m looking forward to seeing how much more she changes and in what ways.

As I mentioned earlier I was expecting something like Kindred and in ways this is similar but in others it’s not at all. They both show how much society has changed for the better but also I liked how Kindred went back and forth between the two time periods so you connect with all of the characters. I only had two chapters of Frank so why should I care about him? Plus, they were separated physically for 6 years already so it’s kind of fitting we barely know him because people change a lot in that time so does she even really know him much anymore?

Have you read Outlander? What are your thoughts? No spoilers please, I’ve only gotten to the end of part three.

22 thoughts on “Reading Experience: Outlander: Part One

  1. I have not read it. I’m thinking about watching the show though! I hope you end up enjoying it!


  2. I’ve not read the book, but I have watched a lot of the series. This was really great to hear your thoughts about the book! It’s one I keep thinking about reading. Great review Jenna!


  3. Frank questioning her aggravated me wen I read it too. It was a very weird situation, it felt like he was projecting. I really love Claire, she s one of my all time favorite characters, she just is smart, bold, just herself. This is a long seres and the growth that the characters go through are great to watch happen.


  4. It’s interesting that you did not like Jamie. I watched the series before reading (part of) the book so I had Sam Heughan on my mind and could not help but love Jamie. I wonder if I would feel differently if I had started by reading the book. Great review 😉


  5. It’s so weird because it keeps going back and forth between whether I like him or not because I’m liking him again and it’s sooo strange. Normally with characters it’s either love or hate but this is also making him seem more well rounded than a lot of fictional characters.


  6. I really loved this review, all your thoughts were really interesting! I’ve been wanting to read Outlander too, I’m just trying to avoid buying any more books before I need to lol


  7. Great review!! I absolutely adore this series, it’s one of my favourite TV shows, I’m yet to finish it, I don’t want it to end, and I can’t wait to pick this book up as I was gifted it for Christmas last December. I loved Kindred too, it was amazing, I can’t wait to start this one and see how different it is to the show!


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