Keeping your sanity during social distancing

It’s been over two months since social distancing started and since then I’ve barely left the house. But there are key things that have been keeping me from jumping off a roof just to feel something. (100% a joke mom and dad).

Before all of this my schedule was pretty set. Wake up, work or go to the gym, eat, go to the parks. Sometimes blog, read and code. My schedule hasn’t changed that much but it also has also changed a ton!

For a while I was going to sleep at 4 am, only to wake up at noon. That in itself needed to change, but I’m only human.

I also created a list of my social distancing favorites that have helped me out a ton.

Working Out

One instant mood booster for me is to work out. A lot of the time this means grabbing my keys and going for a walk around the complex and to get the mail since we don’t drive past and pick it up anymore.

Running has also been amazing but it’s hot and humid down here. If I wake up after 8:30 it gets to be too hot. I’ve switched up my sleeping schedule and I don’t want to jinx it but I’ve been getting up around then and going for more. Frankly, I think I need to start running even earlier because by the time I’m done it’s 80 and humid.

Lastly yoga has been my saving grace. It’s so easy to just roll out my mat and stretch for a couple minutes. Other times I put my mat on the balcony and just flow for an hour, utilizing Adriene’s YouTube channel. On the morning of writing this I also found Kassandra’s YouTube channel and I loved it so much! The workout I did was an intermediate flow and it was so good and her style was a bit more advanced and knowing you know what you’re doing. I’m really looking forward to doing more of her flows. But she is a great next step if you’ve been doing Adriene’s for a while.


It comes as no shock that reading is on this list. I finally got out of my six month reading slump right before social distancing started with the help of a commute and audio books. Since then I’ve read a ton of books both ebooks and physical but I haven’t read many audio. I’ve finished books I’ve been meaning to get to for ages and have so many more planned. I’ve found new unexpected favorites as well.

Since before social distancing started I have been more selective about what I’m reading. I haven’t been able to read anything apocalyptic, anything about pandemics and I haven’t been able to read The Stand even though I really want to because there’s a myth that if you read it you get sick over the course. I know logically that it’s because it takes so long to get to and it’s generally a fall read (during flu season) but I’m not about to test that out.


I hope my efforts haven’t gone unnoticed but for a while I had been posting about every other day since social distancing started (kind of slacked off this week). I’ve been getting back in the groove of writing, I’ve switched domains and it’s been fantastic. I’ve been rediscovering my love for blogging and I’ve made so many new friends!


I’ve started to learn android development and am in the planning stages of an app. I took some web development classes a couple years ago now and I’ve realized I love app development even more. I still have A TON to learn but I’m thinking this is more the direction I want to go.

I also have been watching more videos about YouTube and creating videos for fun. That’s one of those things I’ve been wanting to learn but haven’t had the time so this was the perfect time for me to improve those skills.


Lastly. Food. I stock pile for a month at a time (and I’m getting low so I have to go to the store soon). It’s made me get creative and when I do go to the store since moving down here I’ve been trying to get something new to try each time. This past time I’ve gotten salmon burgers and have made a sandwich with it as well as breaking a couple into pasta with peas and alfredo which was surprisingly good.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to try next. Maybe a new type of fish. I did overbuy pesto a couple months ago so I’m going to look into recipes using it to figure out a new thing to try.

How have you guys been passing during social distancing?

15 thoughts on “Keeping your sanity during social distancing

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to cope when all you can do is stay at home and wait for everything to get better soon, but it’s great to see you’ve been handling it good! I’ve been doing most of these, reading and blogging has been one of my favorite things to do during quarantine.


  2. I’m been trying to exercise but it’s hard. I usually run on the weekends and a little yoga during the week. I might check out that YouTube channel.

    I have noticed I listen to less audiobooks and read more now too.

    Stay safe and stay healthy.


  3. Reading, blogging, playing Sims, and doing art have definitely helped me stay sane during all of this.


  4. Up until last week I was busy with school, so I didn’t have much time to do anything! But now that I’m done with my semester I’ve been reading more and blogging more. I also really want to start doing yoga more often and start baking some things again!

    As for pesto, I absolutely love it, so here are some ways you can use it. I tend to just use it on pasta with some cut up tomatoes mixed in, but it’s also a really great seasoning on fish like salmon, or chicken! I hope you find someone interesting and delicious when you go food shopping next!


  5. I’m glad you can take a break for a bit! Congratulations on finishing your semester! With everything going on you deserve it. I bought some gnocchi to go with it! Salmon and pesto is always delicious!


  6. Great post! I’ve been trying to keep busy but I’ve had a pretty unproductive week this last week! I’ve been doing an online Coding course though which has been interesting!


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