About me

I’m Jenna, a college graduate with an  English degree. I love writing, yoga, running and reading. I studied in  London, England to partake in an internship. Hence, this website.

While in London, I was surrounded by books and I started reading more and more book blogs. I decided to make one of my own. Eventually I was only posting in one or the other. I had more followers on the second blog but this was the one that was easier to post to and I liked WordPress a lot more.

I read a lot of adult books, fantasy, horror basically anything that strikes my fancy. I try to read some of the books that get a lot of hype but generally they just disappoint me. I am currently only accepting upcoming thriller/ mystery and horror titles for review consideration due to the amount of books on my TBR.

You can reach me at jinkiesbooks@yahoo.com.




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  1. Vianna says:

    Hey jenstar took a look at your blog real briefly and I think its great can’t wait to read more especially of trips that I haven’t been there with you. You’re going to make a great editor:)


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