No Exit: ARC Review

This. Book. I thought I was a little sick of thrillers and my normal reads (the horror!) and then this book came and knocked me out of the water. It was absolutely amazing and well crafted and the characters!! 

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The Border: earc review

Author: Steve Schafer Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire Pub Date: Sept 5, 2017 In Two Sentences: When narcos crash one of the quinceneras, murdering almost everyone, Pato and his friends are the only ones left. With a bounty on their heads they must escape from Mexico into the United States. My thoughts: Where to start…. I really […]

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The Hate U Give: ARC review

Author: Angie Thomas Publisher: Balzer & Bray Pub Date: Feb 28, 2017 In Two Sentences: Starr balances her two worlds perfectly until she witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend, Khalil. She needs to decide when to stay silent and when to make her story heard. My Thoughts: I am so ashamed this […]

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Ramona Blue: ARC Review

This past month I read Ramona Blue with a couple other bloggers for a book club started by Courtney at Curly Book Owl. Like any blogger I’m writing the review a week after I read the book… and I don’t remember much of it and I don’t normally take notes when I’m reading. So here […]

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ARC review: Solo

Author: Kwame Alexander with Mary Rand Hess Publisher: Blink Pub Date: August 1, 2017 In two sentences: Blade is the son of a famous father and feels he doesn’t fit into the family name. Then he discovers a family secret: dun dun dunnnnn…… My thoughts: This may turn into a very negative review… which I […]

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The Marriage Pact: eARC review

Author: Michelle Richmond Publisher: Random House- Ballantine Books Pub Date: July 25, 2017 In two sentences: Alice, a rock singer turned lawyer, and Jake, a psychiatrist, get married and accept membership into The Pact. A group that thinks they have perfected the recipe for a lasting marriage, and will do anything to make sure members […]

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The Girl Before: eARC Review

Author: JP Delaney Pub Date: Jan 24, 2016 In two sentences: Emma and Jane’s lives need a fresh start, a minimalist style. First Emma moves into One Folgate Street; when something happens Jane moves in and their lives begin to mirror each other. My Thoughts: Recently I’ve been obsessed with mysteries and thrillers. I’ve been […]

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eARC Review: Ashley Bell

Author: Dean Koontz Pub Date: Dec 8 2015 Rating: 8/10 Synopsis: Bibi Blaire is a blooming author- and then she is diagnosed with an incurable brain cancer. Then one day she is miraculously cured and she discovers the reason she was chosen to live: To save Ashley Bell.

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