The Sunshine Award

It always makes me so happy when I get nominated for different awards. And I honestly love doing them! This time I got nominated by the amazing Reg from Bookish in Bed not just once but twice because that’s how much I procrastinated on the first one. Her blog is amazing and you should definitely check […]

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What I did: October Edition

October was crazy hectic in the best way possible. I feel like I wasn’t in the same spot for very long and I was always moving or packing and for a very good reason: I was. I had a two bigger trips this year as a last hurrah before I had to start worrying about […]

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I’ve had my blog for three years????? In addition to September going faster than I could blink, these three years have flown by! This week is actually an eventful week. It marks six months of being at one job, a year of starting in the cafe and of course three years of blogging. I decided […]


What’s in my Notebooks?

Like any reader/ writer/ blogger/ person in general probably, I have an abundance of notebooks. Some are fuller than others, some are completely blank, some have writing from years and years ago that I know I’ll never finish but I have some I continuously use… and two I should really use more. Blogging: I have […]

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Liebster Award x2

I was nominated by Paige for the Liebster Award! I think I was nominated once before and forgot about it so I drafted this post as soon as I was tagged so I wouldn’t forget! Then I was tagged by Jenn as well, so there will be two sets of questions answered and one asked. […]

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How I Get My Motivation for Life

Recently I’ve been posting a lot more. And tweeting. And blog hopping. I’ve been looking into videos and courses about SEO and asking more questions at work. I’ve been upping my work game and my blogging game. To begin with I don’t force myself to blog. I never have, if I have a set schedule […]

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