Keeping your sanity during social distancing

It’s been over two months since social distancing started and since then I’ve barely left the house. But there are key things that have been keeping me from jumping off a roof just to feel something. (100% a joke mom and dad).

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Recent faves during social distancing

I put up a poll recently on Twitter about whether I should do favorites or how I’ve been passing the time while social distancing. There is a lot of overlap but I also feel like there’s a distinction between the two.

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Ranking of Girl Scout Cookies

This year because I had the funds to I decided to buy most of the Girl Scout Cookies I have enjoyed in the past and figure out what my all-time favorite one is. For scientific purposes obviously. So that I know for next year to get the most boxes of my favorite. To begin with: […]

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Thoughts on Handmaid’s Tale

This is going to show everyone how pathetically behind on writing posts I am. This post was originally drafted in 2017…. in April. Pathetic. But I’ve also read this book multiple times, had many discussions about it and watched season one. It’s ingrained in my brain. Way back in early 2017 I reread The Handmaid’s […]

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The Book Ban(ish)

I’m pretty sure most people know this by now, but I have eight bookshelves. Mainly full. They would all be full but one of them I use for books I own that I’ve read in the current year. This bookcase so far has six books, plus two others that people are borrowing, and one I’m […]

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Top Series I want to Reread

Recently I have been in the nostalgic mood, looking through some of my old stuff and thinking about books I read when I was younger. Whether that means in fourth grade or high school, either ones I liked, didn’t, or series I never finished. I don’t normally reread books, but there are some I just […]

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Readathons: Talk for Tea Time

Readathons are a wonderful thing. I love seeing them, participating in them and seeing what everyone else is reading (my TBR gets so much longer every time I participate). Over the summer I participated in a couple different ones and learned a lot about my reading habits. A readathon is when a group of people […]

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If You Like This, Try This

As I read more and more books every year it’s impossible not to draw parallels between the different books. I don’t necessarily like reading books if they are too similar, so a couple of these I don’t like because they are so similar. However, I do know  a lot of people don’t mind similar books […]

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I’m Two!! (and a day)

Two years ago today my first blog post went live. However, my blog started the day before on WordPress, which I didn’t realize until I logged on at 10 p.m. last night. My habits have changed a lot within those two years. I used to read  a ton when I was little, but come high […]

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Creating a Reading Nook

I would like to think I am one of those people who can read anywhere after all I used to be able to tune out everything. However, as I grew older more and more things began to distract me from reading, whether it be my mom or roommate talking, worries about homework or adult responsibilities, […]

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Discussion: Sequel Covers

It’s a great thing when your favorite book gets a new sequel. You finally get to know what happens next, you get to enjoy the unpredictability- and the cover. You get to see a new cover. Normally I love seeing new covers. They take on a new approach and sometimes look relatively similar. Some even […]

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New Vs Worn books

          I love the feel of new books, but I used to love worn down books. Then I realized I like the process of making them worn down. It’s kind of like a marker of how much the book has been read or carried around. I’m thinking worn down to be creases down the spine, […]

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