How I plan to get my motivation back

So I’ve taken a couple of days off posting. I announced on Twitter I decided to stop doing Blogmas because I’ve just been so busy. I did Blogtober two months ago and was very overwhelmed by how much I had to do that month and this month was even more hectic.

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My First Bullet Journal

About a month ago I decided to buy my very first bullet journal after watching many videos and reading many blog posts about everyone’s spreads. Luna saw my post about how I wanted to start and she sent me some cute little stamps and adorable beedoo Harry Potter stickers! I also bought some letters in […]

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What’s in my Notebooks?

Like any reader/ writer/ blogger/ person in general probably, I have an abundance of notebooks. Some are fuller than others, some are completely blank, some have writing from years and years ago that I know I’ll never finish but I have some I continuously use… and two I should really use more. Blogging: I have […]

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How I Get My Motivation for Life

Recently I’ve been posting a lot more. And tweeting. And blog hopping. I’ve been looking into videos and courses about SEO and asking more questions at work. I’ve been upping my work game and my blogging game. To begin with I don’t force myself to blog. I never have, if I have a set schedule […]

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