OWL Magical Readathon 2020

Last year I did the OWL Magical Readathon. I completely failed the NEWTs to the point I didn’t even post about them and was in a weird slump after and for the longest time past that. But we’re social distancing and my work isn’t open again until at least the 19th. So I decided to […]

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OWL Readathon- April 2019

I’ve decided to do the Curse Breaker track which means for the OWLs I need to read from certain categories. Some of these I have other books I may read instead because I’m a major mood reader but these are what I’m currently leaning toward. I also decided to make a TBR for the other prompts as well. 

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Bout of Books and January TBR

I basically never do TBRs because I never actually follow them. I’m way to much of a mood reader. However, I do want to try doing smaller TBRs with just a couple books to see if that is more manageable. This month has a huge TBR though so….. we’ll see how it works and maybe change it up for February.

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#TackleTBR Wrap-Up

Guys. I failed. Wonderfully, but I failed. I wanted to get so many books read and…. I’m halfway through four. My goal was in page count so I can easily measure how badly I failed (37% of goal read). My intention was 2100 pages. I read 774. I only read parts of two books on […]

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#BoutofBooks 20 Wrap-Up

I accomplished a lot this week! Surprisingly I didn’t 100 percent fail this readathon! I mean, I didn’t meet either of my goals… but I read a ton! My goal changed. First it was to read The Burning Girl, Sourdough, Reincarnation Blues and The Kind Worth Killing. Then I decided I wasn’t in the mood […]

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#MakeMeRead Wrap-Up

So I thought I’d do something a little different this year, instead of just doing a list of books finished, I decided to go day by day and let you all know how my week went. This may (will) get a bit long considering I’m writing some at the end of every day. Day one: […]

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Bout of Books and Wonder Week Sign-up

I feel as though everything I’ve posted this month was about readathons… and yet here’s another one. Another sign-up because I am obsessed with readathons. I have decided to participate in two readathons back to back! #Bout of Books: The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda Shofner and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. […]

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My New Reading Obsession?

Last month I read 11 books. That was insane. It didn’t feel as though I read that many books, so I wanted to know if whatever I was doing was sustainable. I obviously love books and obviously want to read as many as possible. My TBR This month is 15 books. I just finished one […]

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#MakeMeRead Take Two: TBR

And it is time the great unveiling begins!! Thank you all so much for the votes and comments! So many of you commented about how good one book specifically was and I am so glad that it is the number one book so I get to read it starting tomorrow (which I also have the […]

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Readathons: Talk for Tea Time

Readathons are a wonderful thing. I love seeing them, participating in them and seeing what everyone else is reading (my TBR gets so much longer every time I participate). Over the summer I participated in a couple different ones and learned a lot about my reading habits. A readathon is when a group of people […]

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#TackleTBR Readathon

This summer I’ve become addicted to readathons and since I have such a long TBR pile for September I decided joining in another readathon was a good way to get through it. This readathon is hosted by Wishful Endings and runs from Sept. 12 through Sept. 26. Nice and long! I’m super excited for it […]

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#BoutOfBooks 17 sign-up

I already failed at one read-a-thon this year, but this one is during a less busy time and I’m going to be more organized about it! I took part in #BoutofBooks 14 It was so fun! I loved the little challenges and it got me motivated to read ALL THE BOOKS! For those who don’t […]

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