OWL Magical Readathon 2020

Last year I did the OWL Magical Readathon. I completely failed the NEWTs to the point I didn’t even post about them and was in a weird slump after and for the longest time past that. But we’re social distancing and my work isn’t open again until at least the 19th. So I decided to […]

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Dream October TBR

I know it was an ambitious TBR but I keep adding to it each year when I inevitably don’t get to them all. And to be fair: it wasn’t and isn’t going to happen so may as well dream big right?

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OWL Readathon- April 2019

I’ve decided to do the Curse Breaker track which means for the OWLs I need to read from certain categories. Some of these I have other books I may read instead because I’m a major mood reader but these are what I’m currently leaning toward. I also decided to make a TBR for the other prompts as well. 

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March TBR pile

I’m actually trying so hard to keep my TBRs down because I am a major mood reader and am in the middle of a giant classic. Plus I have so many other things I need to do in life.

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February TBR

However, I decided to do a shorter TBR in February for that reason along with the fact I’m reading some big books I want to make massive progress on. 

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Bout of Books and January TBR

I basically never do TBRs because I never actually follow them. I’m way to much of a mood reader. However, I do want to try doing smaller TBRs with just a couple books to see if that is more manageable. This month has a huge TBR though so….. we’ll see how it works and maybe change it up for February.

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Countries to revisit via books

Every once in a while I get really reminiscent of my semester abroad, where I could leave the city and two hours later be in another country. I kind of want to read more books from different countries, either author or setting. I decided what better place to start than the countries I’ve been to.

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The Book Ban(ish)

I’m pretty sure most people know this by now, but I have eight bookshelves. Mainly full. They would all be full but one of them I use for books I own that I’ve read in the current year. This bookcase so far has six books, plus two others that people are borrowing, and one I’m […]

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I’ve recently met my Goodreads goal of 60 books. With exactly 10 weeks left in the year. And so I decided to try to get to 100 books, just to say I did. This amounts to 4 books a week. This is about the speed I read for a readathon, which isn’t exactly manageable (for […]

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Spooky Reads: TBR

My dashboard of WordPress and Bloglovin’ are filled with spooky book recommendations. That was going to be my post for today, but then I decided to do something slightly different. I decided to share the list of spooky reads I want to get to this year.

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Summer TBR update

In the beginning of Summer I posted a list of books I wanted to read before September 1st. I did not get through the list. I was in a massive reading slump for pretty much all of June and July, but then in August I read a ton of books. Unfortunately, not enough to finish […]

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#TackleTBR Readathon

This summer I’ve become addicted to readathons and since I have such a long TBR pile for September I decided joining in another readathon was a good way to get through it. This readathon is hosted by Wishful Endings and runs from Sept. 12 through Sept. 26. Nice and long! I’m super excited for it […]

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What time is it? Summertime!

Technically it’s been my summer for a couple weeks already, but I didn’t even think about doing a summer reading list until I saw Dani’s post. Since I’m not going by semesters anymore, which is beyond weird, my goal is to have this list read by September 1st. Without further ado:

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Discussion: Removing Books

Lately I’ve been adding books upon books to my list of books to read, while adding these I have found there are books on that list that no longer interest me. I get into moods of what I want to read and then other books do not sound interesting to me. When this happens I […]

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Top 10 Summer TBR

Quite some time ago I found this weekly loveliness from The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they have a list of top ten something. It is generally book related and I found I like doing these. While I don’t do them every week, this one I thought should be done by me. My list […]

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