Bring Me Back: ARC Review

Author: B. A. Paris Publisher: St. Martin’s Press US Pub Date: June 19, 2018 In Two Sentences: When his girlfriend, Layla, disappears, Finn only tells the police part of the story. But when he’s about to marry her sister he starts getting messages from Layla. My Thoughts: I read The Breakdown a while ago and […]

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The Liar’s Girl: Earc Review

Author: Catherine Ryan Howard Publisher: Blackstone Publishing Date: February 27, 2018 In Two Sentences: Alison moved to St. John’s for college and fell head over heals for Will, who confesses to the murders of five students. Ten years later, while he’s still in jail, the murders start happening again. My Thoughts:  This book was kind […]

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Bookish Naughty List Tag

Merry Christmas everyone!! Included in my list of amazingly talented and creative friends is Jenn, from As part of her Blogmas celebration she created a checklist to figure out if you are on the bookish naughty list (The gorgeous photo is hers as well). You tick off the things you’ve done this year and then […]

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Currently Reading

On this blog I talk a lot about what I’ve read, what I want to read, how I read, how I blog, my life etc. So many different topics and yet I can’t think of a single time I’m written a post about what I’m currently reading. As I’m strapped for time tonight due to […]

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September Wrap-Up

I don’t even want to write this post because I feel like it’s still September. This month I started a new bookstagram account (in the sidebar) so I could participate in challenges and post about my books without annoying my friends. I posted on my personal about it and like half of them followed anyway. […]

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My Favorite Banned Books

Banned books week is September 24-30, obviously I needed to do a list of my favorite challenged books. Books can be challenged for any billions of reasons from language to racism. Just because they’re banned at one place doesn’t mean they’re banned everywhere. Banned books week is a week to celebrate freedom of speech, freedom […]

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#TackleTBR Wrap-Up

Guys. I failed. Wonderfully, but I failed. I wanted to get so many books read and…. I’m halfway through four. My goal was in page count so I can easily measure how badly I failed (37% of goal read). My intention was 2100 pages. I read 774. I only read parts of two books on […]

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Ramona Blue: ARC Review

This past month I read Ramona Blue with a couple other bloggers for a book club started by Courtney at Curly Book Owl. Like any blogger I’m writing the review a week after I read the book… and I don’t remember much of it and I don’t normally take notes when I’m reading. So here […]

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The Marriage Pact: eARC review

Author: Michelle Richmond Publisher: Random House- Ballantine Books Pub Date: July 25, 2017 In two sentences: Alice, a rock singer turned lawyer, and Jake, a psychiatrist, get married and accept membership into The Pact. A group that thinks they have perfected the recipe for a lasting marriage, and will do anything to make sure members […]

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Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag

So this tag was originally created by Chami and Ely. I know it’s past the halfway point of the year, but I felt I should do a checkup and since I’m not doing any challenges this year, I decided to do this tag instead. I wasn’t tagged by anyone, but who says that’s a rule? […]

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May Wrap Up

I did my wrap up post before a week went by! Success! This may have been the first time in a while that has happened. May was full of hanging out with people and hours and hours of work. I posted a lot more on Instagram and was addicted to twitter, but what else is […]

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April Wrap Up

Well…. it’s a bit late for a wrap up… but it’s here! Quite honestly, April was so long ago I don’t even fully remember what all happened, but I’ll do my best. I started my new job at the very beginning of the month and am loving it. There’s four of us in the office […]

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November Wrap-up

Did anyone else feel like November took forever? Maybe that’s just me. This month consisted of lots of family and turkey, reading and planning for December’s blog posts. I read 12 books. And that was with two weeks I only finished one book.

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Spooky Reads: TBR

My dashboard of WordPress and Bloglovin’ are filled with spooky book recommendations. That was going to be my post for today, but then I decided to do something slightly different. I decided to share the list of spooky reads I want to get to this year.

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Summer TBR update

In the beginning of Summer I posted a list of books I wanted to read before September 1st. I did not get through the list. I was in a massive reading slump for pretty much all of June and July, but then in August I read a ton of books. Unfortunately, not enough to finish […]

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#BoutOfBooks 17 sign-up

I already failed at one read-a-thon this year, but this one is during a less busy time and I’m going to be more organized about it! I took part in #BoutofBooks 14 It was so fun! I loved the little challenges and it got me motivated to read ALL THE BOOKS! For those who don’t […]

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Book Buying and Renting Ban

I went home for Thanksgiving this past weekend and, being the book nerd I am, rearranged my bookshelves. I had them all alphabetical before but there were spaces from the books I had at school with me. Well I decided to make one of my bookshelves be the books I have already read because everyone […]

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A Rebuttal to Country Haters

In the past couple years there has been an influx of country songs that have pop beats in the background. Most recently this has been songs like “Love Me Like you Mean it” and “House Party.” Comments have been made on these and many others claiming they are not actually country music. For example, YouTube […]

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September wrap-up

September was my hiatus month. I had to get everything in order for the year and truthfully, I didn’t feel like blogging much, though I did post on my personal blog, which you can find here.I did do a lot during this month. I’m the new Arts and Entertainment Editor at my school newspaper so […]

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12 Years a Student

This past weekend I went up north with my family as one last get away before the semester really started. In all reality, it has already begun. I have chapters and chapters to read and I already had a paper due Tuesday. Somehow I’ve managed to keep up with everything (no clue how). Having my […]

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August Wrap-Up

I’ve been taking kind of a hiatus on the whole blogging thing. I’ve been making sure I respond to everyone and that’s about it. It’s not because I hate you all, it’s because life is really busy. I ended one job and started another, in a way they overlapped. Anyway this break is going to […]

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My first Read-a-thon! Bout of Books

During the #LITHW15 Twitter chat and Leigh mentioned read-a-thons. I had never done one before and she told me Bout of Books was coming up. So I’ve decided to join. The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins […]

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Review: All the Bright Places

Author: Jennifer NivenPub Date: Jan 6, 2015Rating: 2 stars Synopsis:Violet and Finch are two teenagers who meet on the ledge of the school’s bell tower and talk each other down. Finch has thought about killing himself many times before and Violet is still trying to get over her sister’s death. When Finch claims Violet for […]

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July Wrap-up

As the end of July comes closer I’ve decided to do my first wrap-up post.  Books finished: The Museum of Extraordinary Things- Alice Hoffman Scorch Trials– James Dashner Binary Star– Sarah Gerard White Bird in a Blizzard– Laura Kasischke What You Left Behind- Jessica Verdi TBR for August Between us and the moon The Death […]

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Viewers around the World

Every once in a while I check my stats page, sometimes to see what types of posts get viewed the most, sometimes to see the most popular times, but my favorite part of that page is to see what countries people are from. In the past year I have had views from the obvious countries […]

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The Home of the Irish

I’m currently blogging from the wonderful land of Ireland, one of my friends and I are traveling for two weeks and this is our first stop. I would like to say four days is really nowhere near long enough to do and see everything. We started off with a walking tour, and our guide was […]

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Little Venice

In order to take a break from all the papers and presentations going on my friend and I went to Little Venice to wander the canals. The canals all through London are gorgeous and they have sidewalks on the side for people to wander down. I always see runners and if I lived closer to […]

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London Zoo

This was one of those things that was on my list. I really enjoy seeing different animals and I thought the London Zoo would have a ton of amazing animals I had never heard of before. So before classes on Thursday I headed over to the zoo, just 15 or 20 minutes away. When I […]

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Regent’s Park

I decided a wanted a little break from wandering the internet and city streets and decided to take  a stroll in Regent’s Park. I got a lovely surprise today since some of the flowers were starting to bloom! Just to make those of you back home jealous:

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Paris Days 2 and 3

As promised in Paris Days 1 and 2: While in Paris, our tour guide finally enlightened us on the reason British people drive on the left side of the road. It was because the Romans did so when they went into Battle the opponents would be on the right and they could draw their swords. […]

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Spitalfield and Tate Modern

Some friends and I went to Spitalfield Market last Friday and it was the cutest little market we’ve been at yet. The clothes were adorable and the only reason I didn’t come away with a new dress is that I didn’t know what size I would be. I found a top I absolutely LOVED, but […]

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Intern Bonding

Work has been obnoxious. Some days I’m running from one end of the office to the other mailing everything out and the next I’m sitting at a computer for four hours putting together a newsletter. But I never cease to learn something new. Today  I was finishing up a project the last intern had been […]

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King Henry IV part 2

On Thursday my Shakespeare class went to see King Henry IV part 2. There’s three plays that were included in the cost of this class and we jumped right in with the first play we read. The group we saw was the Royal Shakespeare Company, and over all, it was good, not something i would […]

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For those of you who do not know, I’m taking a Shakespeare class while I am over here, as well as a 20th century British novel class. The readings we’re doing are one play or novel a week, depending on the class. That means I barely have enough time to read both things, let alone […]

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Big Ben and London Eye

Today a group of us walked around London on our way to Big Ben and the London Eye. International Programs wanted a picture of us all in London, but of course not everyone came and there was about half of us. I was amazed at Big Ben. It wasn’t there one second and then I […]

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The First Day

Today I left my room relatively early because I wanted to make sure I a) got to my internship on time and b) was able to get food. Well, my dining card still does not work and no one can figure out why, but they told me to go to the accommodations desk and maybe […]

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Stonehenge and Bath

The past few days have been a whirlwind of new things. I flew across the Atlantic to the beautiful country of England. I was seated next to a little kid and his dad. I think they were French. I spent most of the flight looking outside, eating and sleeping. It was cramped, but I made […]

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T Minus Two Weeks

With finals this week, it’s hard to focus on anything else, but I have to. In two weeks I’m going to be on an airplane to London, England. There’s a whole list of things I still need to get done, but a lot of them cannot be done until I am back in my hometown, […]

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So today instead of my normal posting, I’ve been enjoying the winter, with shoveling and ice skating. Except it’s not cold enough for ice so it was a synthetic rink, meaning it felt like I was skating on plastic, I’d suggest it to anyone because it doesn’t have to be below freezing, but it’s also […]

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15 Things I’m Thankful For

In honor of Thanksgiving day, I’m going to say I’m thankful for: A roof over my head, and a warm bed to sleep in My family for being there for me even when I don’t necessarily need it Delicious, home-cooked food, or even food from the cafeteria A job to help support myself The opportunity […]

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Today I made my first turkey for my hall’s Thanksgiving dinner. It started as bloody, then turned juicy and then some of the guys took over and finished it off, washing it all off and putting it in the oven. Then we made potatoes and other Thanksgiving goodness. It was quite the stressful time and […]

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Venturing Home

I will admit, I was horrible at posting this weekend, and even today. I waited until after 11 all three days. But I had a good reason! I went home this weekend to visit my friends from high school put on their last play before they graduate. Then I took my boyfriend around town to […]

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I got placed!

Well, it’s official. This morning I was cleaning out my coffee maker and checking my email. I hadn’t heard from Oliver about internship placements but my friends were getting interviews set up with different companies. I was getting slightly worried that he was having trouble placing me, or that I had filled out an application […]

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Finishing Applications

With the deadline for my plane ticket fast approaching, I realized I did not have much time before my plane leaves to go to London, England. Less than three months to be exact, the plane leaves on December 30th. During the past two weeks I have been swamped with application forms (3), signing pages (2), […]

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