Trilogy Reviews: The Magicians

The Magicians, The Magician King, The Magician’s Land
Author: Lev Grossman

I really wanted to read this trilogy before I watched the series on Netflix. That’s definitely still on my list to watch.

These books were hailed as being Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia for an older generation but I had a hard time buying into that because those were completely original ideas and this trilogy blended them together with some spark of creativity and intricate world building details. It takes a different approach to magic, but the approach to getting into a different world was so similar to that of Narnia. I kept thinking about these other books while I was reading it and that ended up distracting me a bit.

In the beginning of the trilogy I was very annoyed at a lot of the characters. They were all pretentious and prided themselves on how smart they were and on top of that they wanted more. As the books went on either I became more and more invested in the characters or they became more and more likeable. There were some characters I was rooting for more than the others and I wish some of the first book had some of her perspective in it because I was always wondering what she was thinking.

The first half of the first book involves a lot of world building. I know a couple of people who stopped because they couldn’t get through it, but by the end of the first book I thought it was worth it and by the end of the last one I knew it was worth it. If you can just push through it’s worth it. All of that world building makes the rest of the trilogy worth it and made it seem so much more realistic.

During the first book it seemed as though all of the plot lines were very distinct, one chapter would be one thing and the next would be another. It was as though each chapter was its own story and I didn’t really like that either. There were too many plots, and it would have been so much better to have expanded on those plots and have had more books in the series.

The endings of each of these books were just indescribably painful. They were the exact opposite of a happy ending and so I had to keep reading the next one. The plots built on the previous novels, even the most minute details. It was very well planned out and all came together at the end of the trilogy.

In all I enjoyed this trilogy more and more as it went on. Everything about it became larger than life and it became more and more extravagant.

January Wrap-Up

This past month was weirdly relaxing. I got into a routine of working and blogging and gym time. When some of my friends were back from college I got to hang out with all of them, we got dinner and ice cream and coffee and it was just fantastic. Some of them I haven’t seen since high school graduation so it was great to reminisce and see where everyone was at. But they’re back learning now. I worked on cleaning out all of the unnecessary from my bathroom and a bit from my closet as well. So my decluttering resolution is still happening. Continue reading

I Believe in… Libraries

The past couple months I have spent more hours in my hometown library than I have since senior year finals. Being there reminds me of the hours looking for books, writing a five page paper in Spanish in two days and now writing cover letters.

The library is full of stories you can get for free. If what you want isn’t there it’s so easy to just request it from a different library or put it on hold. Ninety nine percent of the time I can get the book I want within a decent amount of time. Granted then they sit on my shelf for a month before I read them.

I know not every library is like this; I’m blessed with having an amazing library and I think everyone should be able to have these same resources. My library offers so many services, from helping people with technology to storyΒ  time for kids to having courses online.

Libraries are such a wealth of knowledge and I think everyone should be able to access whatever information they need. If someone wants to learn sign language they should be able to. Or if they want to learn about World War I, or different religions, that information should be there for them. We need to have an educated society and the things I learned because I want to are just as important as that learned in the classroom.

The freedom of internet is a wonderful thing, but it’s also expensive and a library is one of those places with free internet, without having to buy coffee or food to be allowed there. I know some libraries even have free coffee.

Honestly, I’ve rediscovered my hometown library and everyone should be able to have that place they can go to for learning and quiet, a place to concentrate. They have changed quite a bit throughout my life. From being a tiny library a couple blocks from my house to building a new one to house it’s growing book collection I have watched the library grow. They now offer coffee through donations so most times I put in some money so they can keep that going.

Since becoming more aware of everything my library does for people I have been donating more and spending more and more time there. It may be one of my favorite places in my hometown to work on posts, job applications and writing.


The Girl Before: eARC Review

thegirlbeforeAuthor: JP Delaney
Pub Date: Jan 24, 2016

In two sentences:
Emma and Jane’s lives need a fresh start, a minimalist style. First Emma moves into One Folgate Street; when something happens Jane moves in and their lives begin to mirror each other.

My Thoughts:
Recently I’ve been obsessed with mysteries and thrillers. I’ve been reading some of the more popular ones and trying to find some not-as-popular. I devour all of them.

When I saw The Girl Before on NetGalley I sounded so interesting. I was expecting it was going to be about two girls who have to list what everything they consider essential and then move into a house and that’s all they get. That is not what it’s like at all. I wasn’t expecting this book to cover the topic of controlling boyfriends at all. The way this was depicted in the middle of the book almost made me put it down, but I am so glad I finished it.

This story is written in alternating viewpoints between Jane and Emma. They both live in the same house at different points and their stories begin very similar. There are a couple chapter which depict very similar scenes and I had to remind myself which viewpoint I was in, which was a little annoying.

Between some of the chapters are little questions found on the original application for the rental place. One of which was about choosing between donating to a local museum for important artwork or sending it to tackle hunger in Africa. Every time these questions came along I stopped and thought for a second about what I would do. This was so unique. I’ve never seen this in a book before and it just fit.

This is for sure a thriller I’d recommend for those who want to get into the genre more and for those seasoned readers.

I received this book via NetGalley. A special thanks to them and Ballantine Books.