My Spooky Reads Recommendations: The Nightmare Corner

Last Saturday I shared a couple books other bloggers recommend horror books for this kind of year. Well, now that they’ve had their moment of glory it’s time for you to get more recommendations from me! As you all know I love spooky books but I’m going to try to narrow it down to my top four I’ve read this year.

Misery by Stephen King

First of all, if you thought I could do a recommendation post without King? I flew through this book. The stakes got higher and higher and more and more unpredictable. Annie and Paul were so well developed. There’s not much I can say about this one I didn’t already say in my review but it needed to be on the list. This is one of my top three Stephen King books.

The Breakdown by B. A. Paris

I was so skeptical when I was reading this because I love unreliable narrators… Except when it uses dementia as a reason. However, this was so well done I kept reading and reading and that conclusion! The characters were all over the place physically. They were bouncing from job to job and person to person but it was so easy to remember who was who. I have so many thoughts on this one but spoilers. I finished this one in a weekend and I instantly put Behind Closed Doors on my TBR.

The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond

This takes a new take on “Til death do we part.” A newly wed couple signs a pact to be a part of a secret society where there are set rules and set punishments if you break said rules. I saw the ending of this coming from miles away but the journey was like nothing I had ever read before. I’m definitely looking forward to more of her books.

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

This is one of my top books this year. It made me think about how my life would be different if even one thing was changed. But in an amazing way! I am always so iffy about talking about this one because I went into it blind and that was part of why I loved it so much. So I’ll leave you with this: if you want a thriller/ sci-fi with a lesson this is it.

What are your favorite thrillers? Have you read any of these? Any more I should read?


Currently Reading

On this blog I talk a lot about what I’ve read, what I want to read, how I read, how I blog, my life etc. So many different topics and yet I can’t think of a single time I’m written a post about what I’m currently reading. As I’m strapped for time tonight due to work and life and craziness so I’m going to take some time to talk about the currently reading.

To give you a picture of how crazy my time right now is: I’m blogging, scrolling through instagram, planning my bookstagram photo for the day (at 10 pm) and drinking coffee because I still have half a book I want to finish before 9:30 am.

Vicious by V.E. Schwab

I started this one a couple weeks ago and was obsessed for all of a day. Then I started getting caught up on my buddy read and never quite picked it back up. However, I don’t want to DNF it because I have every intention in the world to pick it up as soon as I finish my other major current read which is….

The End of Your Life Bookclub by Will Schwalbe

This is the book I want to finish before 9:30 am (so basically when this post goes out) because I’m seeing the author today!! This one has been on my TBR for years, since it came out in 2012. I got my copy about a year ago and it’s been taunting me ever since. I’m getting so many recommendations through this plus life lessons about death and dying and editing and life. There is just so much to this book and that’s why it’s taken me quite a long time to get through it.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain

I started out by reading this half an hour or a chapter a day and then I had a crazy week where it was literally work, work, sleep, blog, work, sleep and repeat. I keep saying this whenever I talk about it but there is a lot in here that both introverts and extroverts can take out. It talks about how introverts get overstimulated and we think better when we have quiet and I’ve noticed this more and more when I’m at work and it makes me prioritize my day better because I know when it’s going to be quieter. I know it’s kind of obvious but just hearing someone else talk about it makes me feel like it’s not just me.

Eats, Shoots and Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation by Lynn Truss

This is my ‘when I feel like nerding out a bit more’ book. I’m not too worried about getting through this one, it’s just a book about how it’s okay to be nerdy about grammar and to point out mistakes and how grammar has changed over the years and it’s very interesting. It also talks about how British English and American English are different which I really like thinking about. They’re so similar yet so different.

What books are you guys reading? Can you read more than one? Do you have any tips for balancing them?

The Mystery Blogger Award

Thank you to Lorryn at Reading Parental for tagging me! This tag was originally created by Okoto Enigma.

  • Put the award logo/image on your blog.
  • List the rules.
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Fun Facts

  1. I am way to nice when it comes to taking and switching shifts at work. Mainly because I don’t generally make plans until right before or they’re flexible but on days I have off I’m pretty much never in town.
  2. I continuously break book buying bans because of bargain books at Barnes & Noble and secondhand stores.
  3. I can never fully concentrate on movies and TV shows because it’s so easy to be doing other things. I’m currently watching the newer Beauty and the Beast while writing this out.

Lorryn’s Questions:

  • Is there one book you have read that you wish you never did? If not, what is your least favorite book?
    • I wish I hadn’t read Heart of Darkness. I DNF’d so many school books in high school and college but this wasn’t one of them. It should have been. I had no clue what was going on and the parts I did understand I didn’t like.
  • When did you become a reader? Was there anything going on in your life that helped push you towards books? Or have you just always been a book person?
    • I’ve pretty much always been a reader. My grandma used to take us to the story times at the library. My sister and I were always encouraged to read and when we were forced to read 20 min a night for school we all ended up reading longer. It was encouraged in my household.
  • If you could become apart of any fictional world where would you go and why?
    • Obviously the Harry Potter wizarding world. If I had to pick a different one I would say…. I don’t know. So many of my reads have really morbid worlds. Maybe the Mistborn world? I’ve only read the first one so I can’t really know for sure. Like the wizarding world this would only be fun if I was one of the people with a power.
  • What fictional couple or group of friends are you and your significant other/group of friends?
    • I am so bad at questions like this!! Why Lorryn?? Maybe Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour because we’re all just going after our dreams right now and lifting each other up.
  • What super popular book do you hate? Why?
    • So many…. I have an entire post here. Another one is Ramona Blue. I didn’t hate it but I just don’t see what the hype is.
  • If you could mash up two books into one which ones would you choose?
    • Again with the hard questions!! Book Thief meets Alice In Wonderland. Two classics and in my mind it’s kind of like Kindred. Someone falls down a rabbit hole and goes into the past and you see the past through a modern day person’s eye. I’m not that original. It’s okay.

My Questions to You:

  1. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life what would it be? (If you want a series it can only be one book in the series because I’m evil.)
  2. Are you a book hoarder or do you swear by the library?
  3. How many books have you DNF’d this year? What were your reasons?
  4. If you could move to one country, where would you move? Also what would be your dream job there?
  5. What book has been on your physical TBR the longest? Your goodreads one?

Who I’m nominating:

Anyone who wants to!! But here’s a couple anyway.


Bloggers Recommend: The Nightmare Corner

Early on I knew I wanted to do this specific post. And I am so glad some of my blogger friends participated and didn’t let it fall flat on it’s face! Throughout the year I’m going to be asking for book recommendations of different genres from bloggers over on Twitter. They get emailed or DM’d to me and then I compile a list!

The Girl You Lost

The Girl You Lost By Kathryn Croft

Recommended by : Regina

Goodreads Synopsis: Eighteen years ago, Simone Porter’s six-month-old daughter, Helena, was abducted. Simone and husband, Matt, have slowly rebuilt their shattered lives, but the pain at losing their child has never left them. Then a young woman, Grace, appears out of the blue and tells Simone she has information about her stolen baby.

Reason: Wow this book was intense. It’s told in two different perspectives.The one perspective is the main character and the other one is very secretive until the end. The secret’s character can get graphic so do keep that in mind before picking this up. I have to say this book ended up getting to me a little. I was a bit creeped out at times. I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much because most these books don’t have that affect on me.


Song of a Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe by Thomas Ligotti

Recommended by: Erica

Goodreads Synopsis: Ligotti’s stories take on decaying cities and lurid dreamscapes in a style ranging from rich, ornamental prose to cold, clinical detachment. His raw and experimental work lays bare the unimportance of our world and the sickening madness of the human condition. Like the greatest writers of cosmic horror, Ligotti bends reality until it cracks, opening fissures through which he invites us to gaze on the unsettling darkness of the abyss below.

Reason: If you want a serious keep up at night, sleep with a nightlight, or regress to when you were a child and got to sleep with mom and dad then this is the book for you.

Where They Found Her

Where They Found Her By Kimberly McCreight

Recommended by: Regina

Goodreads Synopsis: At the end of a long winter, in bucolic Ridgedale, New Jersey, the body of an infant is discovered in the woods near the town’s prestigious university campus. No one knows who the baby is, or how her body ended up out there. But there is no shortage of opinions.

Reason: This book was amazing. It’s told through three perspectives where each character is related in some way and you need to keep reading to find out how. Kimberly does an amazing job taking you on this journey trying to put the puzzle pieces together. Plus she adds media in there like newspaper articles, chat room discussions and other media to keep things interesting.

What are your favorite books? Any to add to the list?

September Wrap-Up

I don’t even want to write this post because I feel like it’s still September.

This month I started a new bookstagram account (in the sidebar) so I could participate in challenges and post about my books without annoying my friends. I posted on my personal about it and like half of them followed anyway. Waste of my effort but if they want to that’s fine by me.

I finally bought a cactus!! This has actually been on my list forever but whenever I saw them in stores I was hours from home. Going along with awesome buys I got a Gilmore Girls mug! It’s my favorite and it’s a good size (bigger than a normal mug). And my fall candle which is over half gone because it burns a lot faster than I was expecting.


I saw Wicked with one of my friends and it was just as amazing as the one in London. I always forget how amazingly powerful Elphaba’s voice is and it blows me away every single time. It’s so fun to get lost in different worlds of performances and it kind of made me miss being involved in stage crew for musicals and plays and such. It’s been almost six years but let’s not think about that.

I went to the cabin and read by the water. Unfortunately the water was freezing cold so I didn’t go in but just being by the water is a nice way to spend my day. Also unfortunately the summer season is coming to an end so I’ll have to find a different way to relax when I have a day off. (Netflix? Coffee Shops? Library? Only time will tell.)

In blogging news I started The Nightmare CornerThe Nightmare Corner up! This Saturday I’m posting a list of spooky thriller/ horror book recommendations from different bloggers! If you want to be included send me an email with the title, author, why you love it! My email is

Books read:

The Breakdown- B. A. Paris
The Border- Steve Schafer
Final Girls- Riley Sager
Fahrenheit 451- Ray Bradbury

I didn’t read nearly as much as I thought I was going to but I’m also in the middle of four books, most of which were started in September. So it probably would have balanced out if I had stuck with one book.


How was your month? What was your favorite day? Did you read any good books? What was a book you wanted to get to but didn’t?


I’ve had my blog for three years????? In addition to September going faster than I could blink, these three years have flown by! This week is actually an eventful week. It marks six months of being at one job, a year of starting in the cafe and of course three years of blogging.

I decided to take to twitter and see what questions you had for me (since I finally have put forth the effort to talk to people and grow relationships). Also all of these lovelies’ tweets are linked to their profile.


My answer to this changes depending on my mood that day. So today my favorite part is that I can connect and meet with people all over the world and we cheer each other on.

My least favorite today is how much effort it takes because I always have a running to-do list for my blog and Instagram and Twitter and it feels neverending. It takes a couple hours for me to write a post and then time to catch up and comment on everyone’s posts and Instagrams and tweets etc. I only have so much time in the day.


To be honest this one probably will happen, but I want to do a blog post or collaboration thing with Regina at Bookish in Bed. We have very similar reading tastes and we’re constantly messaging each other about our current reads. It’s really just a matter of figuring something out and putting it together.


I actually really wish I could design a nice header and go through and code it to make it look not as template-based. In order to do the second part I’ll have to upgrade from the basic WordPress though so until I know exactly what I want to do and how I want it to look and learn more coding it’s not going to happen. This is a long term goal. I have an idea of what I want for my header but I want to know for sure before I decide if I need to pay someone to draw it or if it’s something I can do.


I had the hardest time with this when I started blogging. I used to write up a post after I went to a new country or at the end of the week but then when I switched to talking about books I didn’t have a deadline of when the experiences would be fresh in my mind. My second year blogging was such a slump.

I think the main thing is I don’t force it. If life becomes really busy or stressful I’ll take a step back and if I have free time I’ll work on posts. I try to get three posts up a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday but sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less. Along with this I’ll switch things up. I’ll do fitness posts or motivation or if I visit someone etc. I like to keep things interesting. Also, I don’t generally write posts I don’t like writing. For example, I hate writing reviews so the only reviews I write are when I feel really strongly about a book or if it was given to me by the publisher.

Also just seeing the new interactions that come along with each post. I look at everyone’s blog that comments or follows and I actually love that I’m a small enough blogger that I can do that.


I’m actually doing my second blog series right now! I’m loving it because I can geek out about thrillers and mysteries. My first series isn’t really a regular posting, it’s just when I have ideas for it but the “I believe in…” tab up top. I know it’s cliche but my newest post is always my favorite.

Otherwise my favorite travel posts:

Other Posts:
I believe in… Continuous Learning
Running my First 5k
How I Get Motivation for Life


Long term, as I kind of said earlier I want to redo the theme and upgrade etc. But content wise I would love to do author interviews and guest blogger posts! I love featuring other bloggers and authors instead of just constantly my voice because there are some pretty great people out there. I also want to host a readathon at some point.


I actually got into blogging just because I wanted to keep my friends and family updated on what was happening when I was going through the process of getting an internship and then that semester in London so they all knew I didn’t die. Then when I was at my internship I found out about book bloggers and started a second blog. They morphed into one a while after I got back because two blogs is a lot of work to keep up with and I was unmotivated to do anything with either.

Any other questions you have? Leave them in the comments!

How I Became Obsessed: The Nightmare Corner

I know a lot of people have that one book that impacted them and made them realize this was the type of book they like or this was the book that got them into reading, but I never remember specific books like that. I can remember ones that helped it along, sure, just not the turning point.

Believe it or not, I hated the Goosebumps series. Let’s clear that up. I was scared of them. I know some people start reading Stephen King when they’re eight. I was not one of them. To be honest, that probably would have scarred me forever. I still think about those scary stories to tell in the dark. The one that the person had spider eggs in her cheek and they hatched? Terrifying. The one where the person is literally scared to death by the drums? Kind of freaked me out.

I LOVED Fear Street though. I have no clue what caused this change but I started reading a book a night when I discovered Fear Street. I literally just sat and read them cover to cover. Fear Street will always hold a special place in my heart because of this.

When I was in high school I had a friend who loved classics and off-the-wall books. She gave me a list of her top twenty-ish books to read and I still have it somewhere (since I haven’t read them all yet) but it had two Stephen King books on there (at least). So I picked up The Shining. And thus began the Stephen King obsession. I have had one hang-up on his writing and that is all the background but I’m actually learning to love it.

Around the end of college I started reading again after a couple years of reading just for school and doing reviews for the school paper. I got approved for an e-arc of Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz. I devoured that thing so fast. Then I just needed more. Since then I haven’t really stopped reading thrillers. They’re my go-to when I’m not motivated to read, there’s so many different plot lines and when those twists are done right it’s perfection.

I’ve always loved the books and movies that kept you wondering what was going to happen next and as I grew older I needed more mystery than any other type of book could provide. I wanted more of a will justice be served or will the killer be caught or will the main character make it out alive type stories.

Basically what I’m saying is there wasn’t really a starting point, I kind of grew into loving thrillers and horror the way one grows into anything else. The love was generally there but some authors helped push it along.

What genre are you into? Do you have an author or time of your life that drew you to it?